mine: milk

The reason it’s called the milky way is because the first life forms to come into being in said galaxy were actually cows and milk is the ultimate life force for aliens also the reason why cows get “abducted” all the time is because the mothership is coming back for them so they can return home after a long mission of furthering their species on earth.

milk and honey for the signs


if you were born

with the weakness to fall

you were born

with the strength to rise


my favorite thing about you is your smell

you smell like




a little more

human than the rest of us


you were so afraid

of my voice

i decided to be

afraid of it too 


when my mother was pregnant

with her second child i was four

i pointed at her swollen belly confused at how

my mother had gotten so big in such little time

my father scooped me in his tree trunk arms and

said the closest thing to god on this earth

is a woman’s body it’s where life comes from

and to have a grown man tell me something

so powerful at such a young age

changed me to see the entire universe

rested at my mother’s feet


if you are not enough for yourself

you will never be enough

for someone else


you look at me and cry

everything hurts

i hold you and whisper

but everything can heal


you might not have been my first love

but you were the love that made

all the other loves



you have to stop

searching for why at some point

you have to leave it alone


you deserve to be

completely found

in your surroundings

not lost within them


you were a dragon long before

he came around and said

you could fly

you will remain a dragon

long after he’s left


every revolution

starts and ends

with his lips


to be



to be


My very personal top 11 favourite Rupaul’s Drag Race Contestants

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Katya (Season 7 + All Stars 2) 

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Bianca del Rio (Season 6) 

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Raja (Season 3) 

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Manila Luzon (Season 3 + All Stars 1)

Jinkx Monsoon (Season 5)

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Sharon Needles (Season 4)

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Raven (season 2 + All Stars 1)

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Kim Chi (Season 8)

Sasha Velour (Season 9)

Milk (Season 6)

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Tammie Brown (Season 1+ All Stars 1)

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