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do u ever think abt the fact that gwen lost everyone she loved, was barely given time to grieve, and was left to rule a kingdom, in a place that would surround her with memories of all the ones she lost. yet the last time we see her, sitting on a throne she only accepted to be with the man she loves, she holds her head high, determined to lead camelot into its golden age, and refusing to crumble under the weight of the crown on her head.

no but pls imagine eggsy on a mission and one of his targets gets a lucky shot that grazes his head even as eggsy shoots him dead and merlin freezes in his office, staring at how eggsy goes down with a whimper, blood staining his glasses, all he can think is “not again, no please,”

it’s only when roxy and several others rush in that he realizes he’s shouting eggsy’s name

The two most important rules of fandoms:
1. Don’t judge the fandom by the fan
2. Don’t judge the fan by the fandom

Last night I learned that.

Colin Morgan (Merlin) is currently dating with Katie McGrath (Morgana)!!!

And I was like…

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Then… I looked to Bradley James (Arthur). Guess who is he dating???…

… Angel Coulby (Gwen)

And I was like…

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What’s wrong with this cast??? 

They were meant to be together…

Look even Bradley nows this…

Like many cultures, all magical people have their own mythology. One of the most obscure pieces of English folklore among their magical heritage is the tale of Merlin’s Encyclopedia. It is said to be three stories tall and continuously adding pages to it’s spine with detailed descriptions of every spell, charm or curse created. 

Though, books writing themselves are not unheard of in the magical world, Merlin’s book is quite different. Many witches and wizards have tried to make a text of every curse but always failed and somehow ended blazing with flames by it’s twenty seventh page. 

Many scholars do believe the book exists, by, they unfortunately haven’t a clue where. In London, it is common belief that it is hidden somewhere in the Elfwine Library.

you're more important

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by umlizz

Merlin is asexual, and thinks that Arthur won’t date him if he realizes Merlin isn’t interested in sex. He is wrong.

(“au where the allosexual character gives up sex to be with the asexual character instead of the other way around”)

Words: 1913, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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your tags on the angst-breakup scene thing are NOT OKAY and i want more. and i want merlin being confused why eggsy is so jittery & won't look him in the eyes. i want eggsy having the same dream some night when they're together and waking up upset and merlin /gets/ it, finally. i want merlin to fix eggsy's hurts. preferably with sweet words and gentle kisses and kindness. him to tell eggsy that he adores him and would never kick his pet out, would never think anything less than the world of him

okay but no imagine eggsy having a really insecure day and he falls asleep at his desk at hq,and he has a dream of merlin shoving his stuff in his arms and ordering him to get out of his house,not /their/ house,and when eggsy says desperate and crying and hurt,‘why?’,merlin just says 'you’re the problem you’re always the problem’,and eggsy is just,'oh’,bc he knew it he knew he wasn’t any good for merlin,and it was so stupid of him to think that he could be anything to merlin,oh god my heart my tags on this post

(tho tbh i’ve kinda messed around with it lmao)

cw: depression, insecurity, nightmares, h/c

Eggsy doesn’t know what brought it on, couldn’t tell anyone even under the pain of death or having to see Merlin die. It had hung around him like a shroud when he’d woke up, a miasma that should have been visible around his head and shoulders as he puttered around, showering and brushing his teeth.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” Merlin says when Eggsy, fully dressed in his bespoke suit, glasses in breast pocket, comes down the stairs.

He gives a wan smile, presses a kiss to Merlin’s sculpted cheek, and tries to drown his vulnerability with a swig of Earl Grey. It doesn’t help.

“I’m fine, luv,” He says quietly, shrugging his shoulders back, giving JB a little scritch on the head. He steps in between Merlin’s legs and sighs when Merlin wraps his arms around Eggsy’s shoulders, a hand curling instinctively over the back of his head. Eggsy’s own hands come to clench at the small of Merlin’s back, fingers tangled into Merlin’s dress shirt. “Just not feelin’ it today, is all,”

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Merlin grew up hearing about sorcerers being executed. The news mostly came to them through whispers and hearsay, since Ealdor was beyond Uther’s reach - but it was a steady stream, with dark words painting pictures of bloody relentlessness; of the king’s unforgiving nature.

It wasn’t until Merlin was eight years old that he realised the connection between himself - still just a scrawny, messy-haired boy with knobbly elbows and scraped knees - and those deaths the gossip spoke of. He ran away to the river that day, sitting down amongst the tall grass that crowded the banks, and made the fronds wave and dance in the still air as his arms clutched his knees tightly.