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Love is in the air guys, and Valentine is near. So, I decided to draw my favourite otps in this whole month as my personal project!

Here’s the first seven otps that I did as personal challenge

  • Jack+Rapunzel
  • Hiccup+Merida
  • Hiro+Riley
  • Jim+Mulan
  • Kit+Ella
  • Nick+Judy
  • Tom+Janna

All seven couples are in Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks/crossover Themes. I’ve planned to keep on this work as much as I can. T______T

If any one of my otps is not yours, just ignore it please. It’s just imagination.

Which Ship Is Your OTP ?

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1. Jelsa

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2. Mericcup

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3. Hiccelsa

4. Jackunzel

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5. Jerida

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6. Hiccstrid

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7. Felsa

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8. Eugunzel

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9. Hiccunzel

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10. Hijack

I can listen to you talk about anything and everything But DO NOT, do not expect me to listen to you ship hate, even if we are talking about the worse ship Ships are ships, somebody loves it, somebody stays up at night to read another page of their fanfic You have no right to sink their ship

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