mine: memory of red

Memory of Red Ch. 15 (A.K.A. Mood Whiplash From Hell)

Aw. Look at everyone going all out for Anna birthday (oh my god San-chan what are we gonna do with you).

This is looking to be as funny a chapter as always.


No. No no no NO, this is not happening this chapter, it is not, IT IS NOT.

Oh, whew.


Alright, more funnies. Okay, looking safe. We’ll finish this series on a happy note yet!


No. No, you’re not somebody stop him.

Oh, fuck.

Are you… Are you smiling, you sick son of a bitch?

No, Totsuka, don’t think like that. No one considers you a burden, they all love you too much. Just call for help already, dammit. PLEASE CALL FOR HELP.

Stop… Stop it, Totsuka! Stop breaking my heart! I know you’re supposed to die, but I want you to live, goddammit!

Oh, God. Anna. Stay alive for Anna, don’t do this to her, not on her damn birthday.

Look at how he reacted. From the moment he found out, Mikoto’s powers have been swirling out of control.

Oh, GOD, that expression.


Kuroe Yui (黒榮 ゆい) , the mangaka of MOR , released some character profiles of the Homra members on her blog that she did at the start of drawing the manga.

She mentioned that Eric has an unkempt hairstyle because he simply doesn’t cares , including his appearance and choice of clothes. and that kousuke has a more muscular and built body than Eric (isnt this obvious?heh) .CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE GROUP SELFIE , IT’S LIKE THE BIG BROTHERS DOTING ON THE LITTLE SPOILT YOUNGEST BROTHER . HE LOOKS SO TINY AND SHORT