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The three ships I associate you with are MaxJ, Bretty and Flutterdash <3

Bretty is probably becoming a noticeable one I talk about, and I never stop bragging about being the cofounder of MaxJ. But yeah, I’m not sure too many people outside of you know about Flutterdash. I don’t think I reblog them a bunch.

What 3 ships do you most associate me with?

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3. Talk about the three most important ships throughout your life

That’s question #2. Question #3 is actually “What’s your current OTP?” dear. But you know what, I’ll answer both for funsies because I love you. =P

2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.

I’ll divide this up by fandom.

Harry Potter: Though a Fred/Angelina fic was the first fanfic that got me into the Harry Potter fandom, my Harry Potter OTP of all time is Harry/Hermione. I loved it since the books, but the movies made it even better. I don’t hate Ron/Hermione, but from my experience, hot-headed couples don’t last. And I only have qualms about movie!Harry/Ginny, which had the chemistry of wet paper. Harry and Hermione had (to me) more chemistry and they balanced each other. Harry made Hermione braver, and Hermione made Harry wiser. Without Hermione, Harry couldn’t have saved the world from Voldemort.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Puzzleshipping was my Yu-Gi-Oh OTP before I even knew what shipping was at the tender age of 11. I was always intrigued by their dynamic, but it was the duel with Pegasus that made me ship them. Even as a 5th grader, I knew they had a deep connection. When Yugi sacrifices himself and Yami takes him in his arms (in their shared mindsphere) and says, “No…no…he can’t be gone!” in the most heartbroken voice ever, god. Even as a kid, I got chills. Each season just proved how much Yami loves Yugi. But the most interesting seasons were Waking the Dragons and the final season. In Waking the Dragons, we see how Yami is a broken person without his soul mate. And in Egypt, there was this one scene that cemented all my years of shipping them. Yugi holding Yami, giving him the strength he needed to win his final battle. CHILLS. Also, check out this gifset. I dare you to not ship them now.

Skins: Now to any Skins fan, Maxxie/JJ must sound like the crackiest crackship in the history of crackships. But Leah and I (she’s the one who sent this ask) would have never gotten together if Toxxie and JJ/Effy didn’t break up at the same time and if Leah didn’t suggest we have Maxxie and JJ hook up for fun. (I’m speaking about RPing, for those not in the know.) It’s the crackship that brought us together, and I am honored to co-captain this ship. I WILL GO DOWN WITH MAXJ UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

3. What’s your current OTP?

That’s a tough one to answer. I often have several ships floating around at the same time, and I often love them equally. That implies that one ship has captured most of my attention and I will go down for it forever and always and cut a bitch for wrecking it. Truthfully, Klaine held that spot for a long time. And ever since Tested…something’s changed. Something feels icky in their dynamic and I don’t quite know what it is. Is there animosity between the actors, or is the travesty of Glee’s writing to blame? I don’t know, but I have yet to find my current reigning OTP that isn’t a couple written by me and my girlfriend. There’s several ships I’m into right now, but not that one I’d go completely bonkers over. Because I often get into the habit of multishipping characters, and it takes a special ship for me to still say, “I like you with other people sometimes, but you’re the one I’ll cherish the most.” Aka, Harmony or Puzzleshipping level. And Klaine got knocked off the top spot. So I don’t know.