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Babyshower/Housewarming pt.2

The rest of the crew showed up a little bit later. Including Haven! I really didn’t expect her to come, since she gave birth to little Connor just two weeks ago. He’s the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. Makes me real anxious to hold my own little one in my arms…

Anyway. Thanks again to everybody who showed up. And hey, @maseratialexiaaaa, I hope you’re not too sore today. Considering I kicked your ass last night 😈

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(Game of Thrones) || Bella & Massie

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“This is Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. Rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Rightful Queen to the Andals and First Men. Protector of the Seven Kingdoms. The Mother of Dragons. The Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. The Unburnt. The Breaker of Chains,” the girl with curly hair beside her recited. Bella blinked, looking down, realizing she was standing and dressed in a strange (but nice) dress. Her hair was white. She then looked in front of her as someone beside the seated red haired spoke. Oh my Gods. Massie?! “This is lady Sansa, first of her name, of House Stark,” a man beside Massie said. 

“… Where are we?,” Bella asked, looking over at Massie who looked just as confused. Some older man beside her answered. “We are still in the North… Khaleesi. This is The Great Hall of Winterfell.” People looked at her with such judgemental and expectant looks that Bella finally decided to play along. What did the curly haired girl say she was? Daenerys? Some sort of queen? She cleared her throat. “Very well… Can I have a moments alone with…” She looked at Massie. “Lady Sansa?” A couple of the men beside the girl looked at Massie for orders.