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Heartless Playlist on Spotify

Marissa Meyer created a fantastic playlist of songs for HEARTLESS, and you can listen to it now on our Spotify! 

It’s got loads of atmospheric songs that will make it feel like you’re in Wonderland, including “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, “Magic Man” by Heart, and many more. 

Don’t miss out! Click here to start listening. 

enter a world of bizarre
a world of nonsense
a world of magic
and you just might understand

about the girl made of sweets,
the jester that keeps you on your feet

this story will make you sad
or maybe a bit mad

the truths lies beneath
but beware of it’s sharp teeth

i recommend this world of RED
but please do not dread
for you just might lose your head!

@Bookssandme Review: 5 Stars // Photo @reagen.reads


acThe first photo- me and Marissa :D I gave her the square! Yes, I actually did people *its in the like the bottom left corner ish by the stars above book* and she’s holding a bag, cuz inside of the bag is another gift I wanted to give her!! the second pic is a layout of the collage that I wanted to make her. its a before-I-glued-it-down pic, so…but, hey, I added glitter and glue after the second pic, so it looks different aka, somewhat better. im going to tag @avidreader821 (oms, I saw her there!!) @kat-adara @velvetblush @aceofstars16 @artemisianfire @bookaddictsguide @heilo4298 @mf-islands @lovelunarchron @cactyss @toinfinityandbeyond277 @ana-dante @babbityrabity @epicromancesdontjusthappen (people who did TLC art collab, sorry if I didn’t tag u and u were part of it- let me know!) @silentfansilentdream *yes im aware of the random ‘ac’ in the beginning but I cant take it off uhhhh* *yes, my face* *yes, half winter only no face scars, sorry :/ *  (btw: marissa is aware that the TLC ship weeks art isn’t mine)