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Chapter 1 of the Shandy Wedding Mini Fic is FINALLY here! Enjoy!

Summary: Today is a very special day in the lives of Sharon Raydor and Andy Flynn. It’s their wedding day and neither of them can contain their happiness at the prospect of becoming husband and wife. It’s something they’ve both longed to find for years. That one person who would enter their life and never willingly leave them. Today is more than fancy clothes and I do’s. It’s a promise.


Diane von Furstenberg ‘Zarita’ Lace Dress

Duchess of Cambridge / Mary McDonnell / JeanneTripplehorn

Princess Madeleine / Meghan Markle / Catherine Zeta-Jones

Emily VanCamp / Brooklyn Decker / Berenice Bejo

Anna Paquin / Kristin Kreuk / Laurie Holden

Princess Stephanie / Lauren Conrad / Jordin Sparks

Lindsay Price / Lea Michele / Katie Kassidy

Fandom: Could you like give us less Rusty and more Sharon PLEASE?!

Duff: Ugh y'all are rude and hate Rusty my perfect gay son!

Fandom: No he’s fine… We just want more Sharon. Possibly some more shandy. Cause she’s the lead ya know.

Duff: Fine they’re living together. Happy?

Fandom: But Rusty is in every scene can Sharon have some time for herself or like a friend???

Duff: Ugh! Fine we’ll have Rusty maybe move to San Francisco.

Fandom: Oh, okay…

Duff: BUT I’m bringing back Stroh AND I’m giving him a backstory!


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