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Keith + His Friends → Pidge

Pidge: Dad used to tell me about how close he was with his crew members. They were like family. Now I understand what he was talking about. I’m staying with you guys. Let’s stop Zarkon for all our families.

Keith: Good to have you back on the team.

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Can we talk about Mads Mikkelsen for a minute? 

This man is ruining my life.

With his sharp cheek bones and chiseled jawline. 

I mean look at him! Something about men in black t-shirts…

Or no shirt at all…

Seriously, this fucker has taken over all of my life. Can’t help but watch Danish movies cause of him.

Take a good look and tell me you don’t find him attractive a teensy bit? 

I mean this goof ball is just amazing.

Suit and all.

Or casual.

Regardless, he’s a hottie in whatever attire he’s in.

Extra points for the apron. (I’m training to be a pâtissière chef so it’s kind of a turn on to see him cook.)

And double those points for getting down and dirty.

Those teeth man! Sharp muthafuckas! But another reason to think he’s badass! Come on! This guy deserves more respect and love. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen!

Please support kids that are trying to self diagnose

Please support kids who don’t have the support system to get actual help and legal diagnoses

Please support scared kids with no explanation for how they’re feeling

They aren’t trying to make fun of you or romanticize your illness, they’re just trying to get the help they need, and they’ve probably spent a good amount of time researching whatever illness they believe they have.

Please be nice to kids with undiagnosed mental illnesses.

Please help kids with undiagnosed mental illnesses.

Your feelings are valid, but please remember, so are theirs.