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The Hobbit - The Good and Bad

The Bad:

- Tauriel

- “These are Rhosgebel rabbits!”

- Bilbo wasn’t a trained warrior; he can’t realistically fight a single orc and survive.

- In order to compensate for this, the enemies are so incompetent they can’t use a sword like a normal person and have to take seven years to finish a single swing.

- “We stuck ‘im with a Mordor shaft.” This isn’t important. No one cares but Tauriel.

- Fucking Tauriel

- Legolas “Notice Me, Tauriel; I’m an Edgelord” Greenleaf

- CGI_Orc_1 and CGI_Orc_2 Azog the Defiler and That One Guy No One Remembers Bolg

- Honestly, what the hell are “Rhosgebel rabbits?”

- That chase scene in the goblin tunnels that might as well been an amusement park ride

- Paddle-shaped dwarven weapons

- The Rhosgebel rabbits weren’t funny or charming. Go away.

- Smaug taunting Bard, a human he doesn’t know and should be absolutely beneath him

- Tauriel “I’m Better Than Everyone Else and Am Surprised When Everyone’s Annoyed by My Mary-Sue Behavior” Last-Name

- Thorin: Huh, I’m going to follow Azog’s (alleged) corpse along the frozen river and not assume this is a bad idea the moment I do it.

- That romance

- Don’t even act like you don’t know what romance I’m talking about

The Good:

- Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

- G A N D A L F

- “What do you mean ‘good morning?’ Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

- That lil’ Frodo cameo

- Bilbo’s nose wiggle

- Any scene involving the Ringwraiths

- Gandalf at Dol Guldur

- The spider scene in Mirkwood

- Bilbo stabbing the shit of that baby spider and scaring the piss out of everyone in the theater.


- M i r k w o o d

“I have the only right.”

- The entire Gollum scene

- Bilbo’s progression into his obsession of the Ring

- That epic fight between the Ringwraiths and Elrond, Saruman, and Lady Galadriel

- Sauron appearing.

- That one booming white flash when Galadriel blew that orc to smithereens just by waving her hand.

- “It never ceases to amaze me. The courage of Hobbits.”

- “Farewell, Master Baggins.”

- The fucking whimper

- Bilbo entering into his home again.

- “And what about very old friends?”

Black pearls (Kyungsoo Scenario)

So here’s finally another scenario! Sorry for taking so long, I wasn’t inspired at all >< Xoxo, Admin A~ (gosh it’s long!)

I kept running. My heart beat really fast and I was almost out of air. But I kept running. The day was cold and foggy so I could feel the cold air in my lungs. It hurt in a nice way. It made me feel alive after everything that happened. I had to run. He was following me and I couldn’t face him anymore.

He knew I loved him. I knew things would change after it.

“Wait Y/N!! Please.. I want to talk with you” Kyungsoo was running after me, he followed me for hours and he wasn’t stopping. “I love you too…”. I stopped. Almost tripped. He said what? Was he joking?

I turned to see him, and there he was, serious as ever. His black eyes were looking deeply into me. He was not joking at all. 

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EXO reaction ‘when they know your in pain but you deny it

Request: Can you do a EXO reaction to when you have pain in your back and they notice it but you don’t want to tell them and deny it.

Sure hun ^^

Baekhyun: *He looks at you when you sit down and gruntsJagi, are you in pain anywhere? 
You- “No, I’m fine”

Baekhyun- “So if your back is not hurting then do this” *shows you what to do*

You *fails* 
Baekhyun -“I knew you were in pain. Why didn’t you tell me?” 

Chanyeol: *Looks at you resting on the sofa* Are you ok?
You- “Yeah, why you ask?
Chanyeol -“It looks like your in pain”

You- “I’m fine, don’t worry”
Chanyeol- “Oh yeah, then sit up” *Looks at you half laying down*
You *fails to get up*

Chanyeol- “Trying to hide things from oppa, won’t work”

D.O: *As you are about to leave he walks up to you and blocks your way* “You’re not going anywhere with that pain.”

You- “I don’t have any”- *He interrupts you*
D.O-  “Don’t lie to me.”

Kai: *You two are dancing and he realizes that you can’t do the moves* “Jagi are you ok? Are you hurt?”
You- “No”..*you try to dance again but fails*

Kai- “Look at me Jagi and copy me.”
You- *you copy Kai but your face is having an expression of pain*

Kai- “Wae jagi? Don’t I deserve the truth..?” *hurt Jongin*

Sehun: *Looks at you limping to the kitchen* “Honey?”

Sehun *Grabs your hand* “Honey are you hurt somewhere?”
You- “Huh? No I’m not.”

Sehun-*Sassy Sehun activated* “Well yeah I don’t belive you”

Suho: *He randomly starts to do things to make you laugh*
You- “What are you doing?”
Suho- “Come on Bae laugh the pain will go away then!”

You- “What pain are you talking about?”
Suho- “Bae you know lies hurt right.” *Puppy Suho*

Chen: *He sees you walk like an old lady and starts to laugh* “Hahaha Princess why do you walk like that?”
You- “Don’t laugh!”

Chen- “My princess back is hurting awe~ “*Touches your face*
You- “No its not!”

You- “Chen stop I’m not hurt!”
Chen- “Hahahah Princess your bullshit makes me laugh”

Lay: *As soon he hears you grunt he comes up to you* “Honey I knew you where having pain.”
You- “What?” 
Lay- “I’ll heal you! I’m a unicorn! Chu Chu ~”

You- “Lay what are you-”
Lay- “Want me to take you to the doctor? You shouldn’t be in pain.”
You- “Hehe I’m not in pain”
Lay- …

Lay-  “Don’t lie..” *pouty Lay*

Xiumin: *He gives you a back hug*
You- “Ouch!”
Xiumin- “I knew your where having back pain”

You- “Bazoi what are you talking about?”
Xiumin- “Baby tell me the truth”

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