mine: lyrics meme

  • Because you’re mine, I walk the line
  • Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down. 
  • You’ll call for me but I’m gonna tell you: “Bye, bye, bye, ”
  • You stay a little while and then you’re gone again
  • I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
  • I keep my eyes wide open all the time
  • I find it very, very easy to be true
  • Yes, I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you
  • I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when,
  • The taste of love is sweet
  • I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
  • It seems I had to fight my whole life through.
  • I’d roam from town to town to hide my shame
  • I don’t like it but I guess things happen that way
  • I keep you on my mind both day and night
  • You’ve got a way to keep me on your side
  • You give me cause for love that I can’t hide
  • For you I know I’d even try to turn the tide
  • When your fickle love gets old, no one will care for you.
  • When I was just a baby my mama told me. Son, always be a good boy, don’t ever play with guns.
  • But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die 
random music lyrics meme;

contains: angst, fluff, nsfw. some lyrics can be taken both sfw and nsfw way.

“I don’t bite, but I heard you might. So let me feed your appetite.”
“My little puppeteer.”
“Yeah, we started off as friends, but this is not a Kelly Clarkson song and not how it ends.”
“Everything about you was lies.”
“Thought I knew you, but you were disguised.”
“Save face and get out of the town.”
“’Cause you are nutcase!” 
“You’re freaking me out.”
“You’re devil!”
“You’re the filthy piece of trash.” 
“You’re so damn evil.”
“You are so out of line.”
“Are you crazy?”
“You are psycho, and they all know it too.”
“Shut up and dance with me.”
“And turn the bass up!”
“I like it loud.”
“Now move your body so the rhythm can set you free.”
“She/He can love you good, but I can f*ck you better.”
“I can f*ck you better.”
“I remember those days when I waited for you.”
“After that goodbye you gave me, I searched for you.”
“Despite our goodbyes, surely, we’ll meet again.”
“I can feel chemicals kicking in.”
“What are you waiting for?”
“Say goodbye to my heart tonight.”
“The feeling of your locked in m head.”
“I don’t care I’m down for what you want.”
“You will never bring me down.”
“Tell me why I feel unwanted?”
“Damn, if you didn’t want me back. Why’d you have to act like that?”
“Babe, I know you want it.”
“Say that you want me every day. That you want me every way. That you need me.”
“I love you and despise you.”
“Say you want me. Say you need me.”
“You’re gonna be with me!”

marianas trench ‘astoria’ lyrics meme
  • ‘ don’t wanna know my darkest lows? ‘
  • ‘ don’t remind me what the price is when left to my own devices. ‘
  • ‘ what’s another bridge burned? ‘
  • ‘ this would be the wrong move. ‘
  • ‘ hey, ever just say fuck it? ‘
  • ‘ maybe i’ll drink this all away in buckets. ‘
  • ‘ is it bad enough to call it off? ‘
  • ‘ one minute you need me & the next we’re stuck. ‘
  • ‘ i can’t help but want you too. ‘
  • ‘ don’t say you don’t miss me that much. ‘
  • ‘ don’t say i don’t still make you blush. ‘  
  • ‘ you got me freaking out. ‘
  • ‘ i guess we’re even now. ‘
  • ‘ baby why you leaving now? ‘
  • ‘ don’t you want to kiss me someday too? ‘
  • ‘ tomorrow is a day away. ‘
  • ‘ so yeah my timing sucks. ‘
  • ‘ i’m just so good at fucking up. ‘
  • ‘ what if the one true love’s the only one that you get? ‘
  • ‘ i’ve been broken but i’m better every day. ‘
  • ‘ you get me every time. but i live with that. ‘
  • ‘ i might do this to myself. ‘
  • ‘ only made it worse but i just can’t help. ‘
  • ‘ it’s the only time that i see your face. ‘
  • ‘ what if there was still a way of taking care of this? ‘
  • ‘ what if i wake up tonight & you are real? ‘
  • ‘ what if we could find a way to try to heal? ‘
  • ‘ what if there’s no stoppin’ us yet? ‘
  • ‘ what if there was still a reason not to go? ‘
  • ‘ what if there was still a little bit of hope? ‘
  • ‘ impolite would only be beneath us. ‘
  • ‘ fill me in on how you’ve been. ‘
  • ‘ but that’s not what i came for, my amour. ‘
  • ‘ i just wished you opened fire on me, so i can see you still worry if i care. ‘  
  • ‘ you should come over. ‘
  • ‘ best laid plans are not sober. ‘
  • ‘ then we’ll disappear. ‘
  • ‘ bring wine to bed. ‘
  • ‘ we’ll toast what could have been. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t know how to mend it, but this chapter ended. ‘
  • ‘ but at least tonight we still pretend. ‘
  • ‘ hold each other close like it’s not the end. ‘
  • ‘ you will be my home & there’s no place like home. ‘
  • ‘ you can say you’re kind of bored with this. ‘  
  • ‘ but i don’t want you leaving me now. ‘
  • ‘ well you say i’m a mess. ‘  
  • ‘ you say you’ll never date me. ‘
  • ‘ or you can just shut up. ‘
  • ‘ shut up & kiss me. ‘
  • ‘ you should stay away from me. ‘
  • ‘ you could tell me no, & you can let me go. ‘
  • ‘ just can’t get away from myself. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll miss the way that you saw me. ‘
  • ‘ but, i came back to you broken. ‘
  • ‘ i hear the words i’ve spoken & everything comes out wrong. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll get my shit back together. ‘
  • ‘ everything goes quiet, it’s like i just can’t move. ‘
  • ‘ nothing will change if you never choose. ‘
  • ‘ i know where you’ve been. ‘
  • ‘ you say that you’re lost & need to find yourself. ‘
  • ‘ can’t do that with me, but with somebody else. ‘
  • ‘ when did we both get so afraid to speak though? ‘
  • ‘ i thought we got each other’s hearts? ‘
  • ‘ you know i thought this love would always burn like a wildfire. ‘
  • ‘ so now you show up when you’re alone again? ‘
  • ‘ but what if you’re just afraid to be alone? ‘  
  • ‘ i thought you got yourself a way out? ‘
  • ‘ now you want me? ‘
  • ‘ but what if your heart’s a liar? ‘
  • ‘ we just can’t let this go. ‘
  • ‘ maybe this time it could work? ‘
  • ‘ i was there watching you, watching me, missing you. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve been lying & i don’t know why i do. 
  • ‘ maybe the truth hurts so it’s easier not to know. ‘
  • ‘ i wanna hear how your heart speaks. ‘  
  • ‘ this should be the time of our lives. ‘  
  • ‘ i’ve been so lost without you. ‘
  • ‘ are you lost without me too? ‘
  • ‘ we both want it but love is not enough. ‘
  • ‘ you slipped away to a mile from an inch. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t know how we ended up here now. ‘
  • ‘ what’s lost is never gone. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not ready for what’s to come. ‘
  • ‘ i will watch you sleeping & make sure you’re alright. ‘
  • ‘ i know you’re not quite here but you’re not quite gone. ‘
  • ‘ life’s too short. ‘
  • ‘ can’t love if you don’t. ‘
  • ‘ i can’t try if you won’t. ‘
  • ‘ please just let me go. ‘
  • ‘ it’s do or die for you & i. ‘ 
  • ‘ i’ll never be taken alive. ‘
  • ‘ but our future still remains unclear. ‘  
  • ‘ i’m so afraid of trying something new. ‘
  • ‘ cause every start begins with saying goodbye to you. ‘
  • ‘ our heart divides in unrequited view. ‘
  • ‘ i feel so ashamed. ‘
  • ‘ wish this was easy. ‘
  • ‘ i want you to know this never was the man i hoped to be. ‘
  • ‘ i’m in over my head. ‘
  • ‘ i hope your heart can still be mended. ‘
  • I’m waitin’ for my porno to load
  • My brain is gonna freakin’ explode
  • When I get nervous my whole face goes red
  • Dude, weigh the options calmly and be still.
  • I’ll only have sex with you if you beat me at pool and then she lost at pool deliberately
  • Yo, don’t touch me, tall ass!
  • Oh man, I shouldn’t say…but it’s a good thing I rock at pool.
  • The roll was megi-maki and I’m feelin’ kinda cocky
  • It’s all good, hey, I saw on discovery that humanity has stopped evolving!
  • I love play rehearsal and I get depressed as soon as its done.
  • My brain is like ‘bzzz’
  • My heart is like 'wow’
  • My little penis was depressed
  • That’s the point. This is some top-secret-can’t-even-look-it-up-on-the-internet shit.
  • Apocalypse of the damned!
  • Dude you are cooler than a vintage cassette.
  • High school is wack, but we have each others’ back.
  • You know that you are my favorite person, that doesn’t mean that I can’t still dream.
  • Add some swagger to your gator, you look like a masturbator, 
  • Everything about you is so terrible
  • You won’t feel left out or unsure
  • Everything about you is going to be cool
  • Be more chill
  • Don’t worry about the guilt you feel
  • Really? So you’re not the one who’s been avoiding me?
  • We gotta test it out! No, we gotta celebrate! We gotta get stoned in my basement!
  • I’m a creeper in a bathroom
  • But I’d rather fake pee than stand awkwardly
  • He’s gotta learn to not really smoke a lot he shouldn’t get so high for a tiny guy
  • Don’t be silly, it’s more than safe. I should know, I tried it myself.
  • It’s the only way to achieve what you want.
  • That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me!