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The Lord Of The Rings trilogy was filmed primarily in New Zealand where, contrary to popular belief, it rains an awful, awful lot. This was bad for filming, sure … but it came with a slight upside.

Yep, that’s the Nazgul – Sauron’s becloaked ring-snatchers – resting it up in a copse and discussing tactics, all whilst camped out under golf umbrellas they clearly stole from their dads. Although we’re unlikely to ever get answers, we have to ask whether a) that material shrinks in the rain or something, and b) this umbrella design was specially designed for the characters (as was literally everything else in this film).

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Gandalf Video part 2!

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Chapter: Between The Rocks & The River
Description: In which Lord Elrond arrives with a special guest, Legolas and Gimli receive a gift, apologies are made, and new fears are awakened.

Here’s the third chapter of A Mountain Keeps An Echo, which I abandoned for three years because I’m awful, but which I came back to because I can’t not finish it.  I hope you guys enjoy this, and please spread the love around if you do.  Comments and reblogs, even if you’re just saying “this is nice, thanks” mean everything to writers, and keep us writing. <3 <3


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By morning no ship had come. Lothíriel suppressed disappointment as she took a stroll, just after dawn, and circling the entirety of the island. It was too soon for anyone to come; by her calculations the earliest they could be rescued would be noon. She would not allow herself to hope for anything before dusk, however.

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