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Lots of merchandizing news to share today!

First, Zwyer Industries has updated their website with better looks at the chibi Korra figure, and a NEW chibi Aang figure as well!

Full details on these super cute items here and here, both expected to arrive in August 2016!

Next, also from Zwyer Industries, the long awaited full-size Korra figure is officially shipping!

Here’s a better look at that as well:

Details at their website here.

Next up, MORE chibi Korra goodness!

This new figure is a more anime-styled item from Nendoroid. It appears to include detachable waterbending and firebending components.

Details here.

Lastly, Dark Horse is releasing an Avatar: The Last Airbender adult coloring book! This book features 45 pages of original lineart artwork on “thick, heavyweight 10x10-inch pages”, for $14.99.


That’s all for now. Don’t forget that the next ATLA comic trilogy, North and South, is coming soon, as well as the Korra comics, news about which we should be getting at this year’s San Diego and New York Comic-cons in July and October respectively.

It’s good to see this franchise is still putting out material, thanks in large part to fans like you!

headcanon: everyone expects korra to have rough hands and maybe dirt under her fingernails from time to time, but she doesn’t touch the earth or water or fire, so her hands are really soft and really clean. asami’s the one with the calluses, cracked and bleeding knuckles, and dirty fingernails from working on her satomobile or just tinkering with stuff. she’ll make her hands presentable when needed be, but it’s not unusual for them to be stained with oil that refuses to wash off right away

edit: to those who are like “korra works out/punches things. her hands would be beat up and worn”…korra is a healer. if her hands are throbbing in pain from bruises and her knuckles are scraped up, she gonna heal them. asami doesn’t have that luxury when korra isn’t around