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Lady Knight Blurb

In a world where magic is dying and great empires crumble, one girl makes a wish to a forgotten god. Alexandria Tasse, a daughter to nothing but dusty books and exhausted fortunes, dreams to escape the city slums. It is the ancient wonders that call to her and the untold stories that beckon. The warnings of lurking demons to not cow her and, when two strangers crash into her life, she eagerly accepts their offer to leave the city. 

But demons are not the only threats out there. The land is decaying, the inhabitants growing corrupt. Darkness lurks behind every corner. Even her new traveling companions - the sharp-eyed shooter from the Eastern Lands and the riddle-speaking boy of a warring state - present challenges in every secret they refuse to share. 

The farther she journeys and the longer she is away from her home, the more she realizes that she has entangled herself in a dangerous game. Caught in this twisted web of rivalry and lies, Alexandria Tasse must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to save her own life.

Book 1 in a series of six.

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Hey Zig, what´re your opinions on other Abridged series? Like DBZ Abridged and LittleKuriboh´s YGOTAS?-Riku Reimei

I think they’re great!!!

I mean - not only are they really funny, but they pay an amazing tribute to the source material - there’s alot of clear love for the projects that those guys do, and I think it’s great that they’ve been able to be recognized for their talents through their fanwork.

There’s alot of cases like that that I think…