mine: liv

I actually hate the abortion debate because both sides refuse to see the other sides point of view. Like pro life people are pro life because they see a fetus as a living human being at the point of conception while pro choice people are pro choice because they think the fetus isn’t human until later. But instead, Pro-lifers seem to see pro-choicers as evil people who want to kill children while pro-choicers see pro-lifers as wanting to control a womans body. It’s a complete mess 


Spoiler Photos: Tuesday March 7th

Whilst visiting Aaron with Paddy, his sister Liv notices Aaron is not himself. When Paddy steps away and sensing something is up, Liv confronts her brother after guessing what he’s been doing.  She warns him behaving stupidly could jeopardise his appeal. Angry at his response, she walks out but will Aaron heed her advice?