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Lost in the Deep // brittana

The next night found Santana sitting between her mother and William in the dining hall with a table full of other chattering rich people. The conversation flowed around her, but Santana stayed silent. She could hear the rush of blood in her ears, could feel her heart beating a quick staccato in her chest. It was almost painful to sit there in her own skin, to endure the inane company that she was constantly surrounded with. There was a sick feeling in her stomach and it only grew the longer she sat among them until she at last couldn’t stand it anymore. Slowly she lifted her body from her chair with some excuse about getting fresh air. It was almost like witnessing the scene from outside of her own body as she smiled and waved off Will’s offer to accompany her before turning and leaving the dining hall. As soon as she hit the deck she was running, the heels of her shoes clicking against the wood of the deck beneath her feet as she went. No one witnessed her fleeing. Everyone in first class was at dinner, freeing up her path from there to wherever she was running to. Her path went uninterrupted, in fact, until she reached the back of the ship and ran into the rail, gripping the metal pole between her fingers as she gulped in sobbing breaths and looked down into the blackness of the water below.

Quite abruptly the girl kicked off the heels on her feet and slipped one, then the other onto the bottom of the rail. Slowly she climbed it before swinging over and climbing down the other side, easing down until she was one step closer to dropping herself off into the water below. It would serve them right, she thought. It would serve them right for treating her like an object for the whole of her life. As soon as she let go, she would plunge down into the water and be free of this life, this gilded cage. She would be free. “Lo siento, papá." She whispered the words into the breeze before slamming her eyes shut and slowly, one finger by one finger, began to release her hold on the ship’s rear railing…


MY LIFE IN THE DREAMHOUSE MIDGE IS HERE! When I saw someone on Figurvore who wanted to split a group of nude LitD dolls (who bought it from another person who only wanted the outfits heh) I immediately jumped on the chance to own that Midge.

First off, let me say I’ve bought a LOT of dolls in my time as a doll collector, and I’ve bought numerous doll lines and brands, and all of the dolls I’ve bought, I’ve had to alter at least something about them due to them not being completely perfect. BUT I have to say that I’m 100% happy with this Midge doll.

The plastic used on her body is much more substantial and heavier that a regular Fashionista body as well as having a much nicer and slightly matter appearance. Also her joints are tight, but not to the point where I don’t feel comfortable posing her. I’ve had MANY Fashionista dolls come out of the packaging with really loose knees which I had to tighten up, or ones with stiff knees that I had to gently pose repeatedly, but this girl’s joints are at a perfect tension.

Also her hair is perfect. She has NO glue in her scalp and her head is squishy, so I don’t need to worry about glue leaking out of her scalp or it affecting the shape of her head. Her bangs are pretty much perfect considering how hard it is to get this style of bangs with the hair fibre saran.

Which is another point. HER HAIR IS SARAN AHH. It’s really soft and tameable and such a gorgeous shade.

Her face screening is really gorgeous. It really reminds me of a simple blend of simplistic styles of vintage Barbie BUT it has just enough detail that reminds me of the early ‘00s Barbies (the kind which I grew up with). So the fact is, her face is a huge nostalgia trip for. I USUALLY dislike rooted eyelashes on a doll as they’re usually so thick it obscures the eye paint. However a combination of how the eyes are painted and how thinly the eyelashes are rooted.

Plus I really love the use of the Steffie head. It’s definitely oversized than my vintage Steffie dolls but it still really keeps in tune with the stylisation of LitD characters. Since I’m very much an eclectic collector it doesn’t bother me. Plus, the fact that a playline doll finally has a Steffie Sculpt again brings me joy.

Overall, I think this is an amazing portrayal of a classic friend of Barbie’s that is a huge collector’s favourite. If you haven’t bought a Life In The Dreamhouse doll, I definitely would recommend it from a technical point of view as there are no outward flaws about this doll I can see and I really do hope the other dolls in this line are a similar quality. This is the quality of playline dolls I wish to see more often and I’m so glad that there has been a current release of a Midge doll.

So I'm joining the Life in the Dreamhouse fandom now?

Just thought everyone should know.
I’ve started a liveblog for Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. If you want to read me over dramatically recap all of the episodes, or watch the episodes and then read my recaps, or watch the episodes and send me your own recaps, check out my LITD blog HERE

I’ll also be making GIFs and graphics and stuff, so if that tickles your fancy, check it out! 

Basically this show is too great/hilarious/perfect for me to NOT have a blog about it (and also I need a way to have some fun and blow off steam when I get home from work), SO IT’S HAPPENING. 


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