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This is marriage. It can’t be outdone.

I, Sebastian, take this woman to be my lawful wife… under the eyes of God, from this day forward.


#friendly reminder that kenna fancied bash from the minute she saw him #forever bitter about it tbh

"Tell me what you want. Very specifically. Leave nothing out."

Do you realize how important this line is?

Because, yes, it’s supposed to be sexy. It’s supposed to sound possessive and hot and passionate. But do you realize what Bash is actually saying?

Almost all of Kenna’s time in French court has been spent as mistress to King Henry, her current husband’s father, a choice she now deeply regrets. Her job was to make him happy, to do whatever he told her to do without question or concern. She’s had to do everything from bondage to being forced to have sex with another woman while Henry watched. Henry has put her through hell just so he could have a little fun.

So when Bash asks her to tell him what she wants, it’s important. Because what he’s really saying is,

“You’ve had some terrible experiences, I know that. I don’t want to scare you, I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want to move too fast or push too far. I want to show you that this isn’t just about me. I want to make you see that this can and should be about you, too. I want you to enjoy this. So tell me… What have you always wanted but never had? How can I make you happy? Tell me, so I can do this right.”

This line isn’t just about Bash being the sexy bastard that he is. It’s about him genuinely caring about Kenna as well as her needs and desires in a way that Henry never did and never could. This line is about Bash wanting to make Kenna happy - today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives together.