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A quick chat with our guy… Super cute insights into what drew him to play the character of Hasil.

The apartment scene . . .

C’mon y'all.  You know that apartment scene deserves some extra analysis. It immediately stood out to me as a re-write or perhaps a companion to Sasil’s first time together in Naomi’s house, but we get to see how far they have come since then.  (Which in “real” time, is only a few months)

For starters, the first scene is set at night and there are candles, which makes the mood a bit romantic.  But here it’s daytime and the light is harsh, which represents the tough situation that they are in.  Also, the place is sparse and dirty not cozy like Naomi’s place.

Rather than climbing through the windows, this time Sally Ann and Hasil get to walk through the front door like proper tenants, further legitimizing them as a couple.  (Thanks to the writers for the whole carry over the threshold moment.  We know you read the fan fic!)

And once again, Sally Ann is leading and Hasil is following.  He hesitates both times but ultimately his trust is in Sally Ann for no other reason than love.

While Sally Ann lingers in the door ways to observe Hasil’s reaction, he makes himself at home by going to a corner, not taking up too much space (Go back and look: the blocking is almost identical in both scenes) but attempting to put her at ease.  He strips down naked back in season one, and I guess you can argue that he strips down emotionally here by confessing about the fights and then declaring that it’s just the two of them now.

Much has been made about the first time he says “Come here” (still swoon worthy) and he says it again here: “Here is good.  I like here.  Here it is then. Come here.” But now they have history, and he knows that she’s stubborn and won’t just do what she’s told, so he just pulls her in for The Lift (also a call back).  

I just want to thank the writers for packing so much in one scene and also to ACTORS for pulling it all off.

I know I missed some things!  What else??


Christina and Kyle being their usual charming selves as well as a lively discussion by the panel from Stream.tv on episode 205

Come through, Sally Ann!

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Home girl was so on point this whole episode! Love how she was firm but affirming, how she established guidelines (baby in jail? uh, no) but was flexible, and ultimately was understanding of how much Hasil was giving up at the end.  I think I watched those apartment scenes in tears.

Speaking of which, I want to give a special shout out to the writers for essentially re-writing the very first #Sasil smash scene from season one.  The doorway leans, the “come here,” and, of course, The Lift.  How about Hasil asking about the bed, tho?  Yes, Lawd.

Only thing missing was a ticker at the bottom: “We know this is why you are here.”