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Jonghyun oneshot - Confession

“AAAAAAAAH!!! OPPA!! OPPA!!” The Shawols around me were screaming their lungs out and I was sure I had gone deaf. They were pushing at each other to get to the front and eventually, I was the last in the long queue of people waiting to get autographs, or maybe if they’re lucky, a selca with their oppas. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was at the airport as my boys, SHINee, had returned from their Japanese Arena Tour. I had been playing candy crush saga on my phone when I was assaulted by Shawols hanging around the airport screaming their hearts out after catching a glimpse of their precious oppas.

I tapped my feet impatiently as I waited for the crowd to disperse. See, I am best friends with Taemin and he brought me to meet his hyungs a few years ago. After that meeting, I had been like a younger sister to all of them, except for Taemin,  and whenever I’m with them, I constantly feel safe and protected. Maybe I feel a tiny bit more safe and happy with Jonghyun but dont tell him that, we dont need his ego to inflate to the size of Manhattan.
I’m not exactly a patient person so after waiting for exactly 3 minutes, I bravely shoved my way through the throng of people. It took me 8 minutes to get to the other side and realised 2 things. 1, I had a fresh cut on my arm around an inch and 2, I had tripped over someone else’s leg and almost fell face first onto the ground. That is, if someone hadn’t caught me.

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so this is Kwak Yong Hwan… the first time EVER seeing him and it was in the kdrama Kpop Extreme Survival, In my opinion I think he has such attractive features and a memorable face…

ok so i was trying to research this guy and I came across his Twitter…get ready for some sexiness and get something to wipe your drool bc I am about to do a pic spam on this cutie xD

FYI: his real name is kwak yong hwan. He’s korean but grew up in Japan [if i’m not mistaken] and is a singer there. He is changing his name to Lee Shi Gang when he starts promoting in Korea…which i hope is soon ^_^

  • Born: May 1, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type: B