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Bonnie the Stilas Fangirl - The Compromise

Summary: Bonnie finds out some shocking news about her boyfriend before they reach an agreeable compromise.

AN: This is for all those who are fighting over whether Klefan or Stilas is better. Can’t we all just get along?

Damon thought his head would explode if he heard the word Stilas one more time.

“But how can you deny how perf they are?” Bonnie asked her boyfriend incredulously.

“Maybe because they look like twins.” Damon reasoned.

“That’s just double the perfection.” She replied dreamily.

“He’s my brother.”

“So? Stefan shipped us even when we hated each other and now we’re canon.”

“It would be kind of creepy to ship him with his doppelganger.” Damon reasoned.

“You like the idea of Kelena.” Bonnie deadpanned.

“That’s different. They’re girls and it’s sexy.” Damon said like it was the most logical thing in the world.

“I’m going to ignore that for your sake. Come on, you have to ship Stilas.” Bonnie whined.

“It goes against my OTP.” Damon blurted out before he could stop himself. He was just tired of hearing about Stilas, he hadn’t meant to divulge his best kept secret.

Damn it, he thought as he watched Bonnie whip around to face him with fire in her eyes.

“Your OTP?” She asked in a low tone. Damon looked legitimately afraid.

“Who is your OTP?” Bonnie asked in the same deadly tone. Damon breathed a deep breathe before speaking. He would not be ashamed of his ship.

“I ship… Klefan.” He admitted. Bonnie gasped audibly.

“What? How could you betray me this way?” Bonnie exclaimed.

“How do you think I’ve felt listening to you ship Stilas everyday and know that inside all I want is for Klefan to reunite and ignite their torrid love affair once more?” Damon lamented. Bonnie looked at Damon closely then.

“You really do ship Klefan.” She stated as she saw the tears springing to her eyes. Damon pulled up his sleeve to show her his wrist. She saw a tattoo that read ‘klefan5eva’ in bold print.

“How haven’t I seen this before? Aww, my poor baby. You must’ve been suffering so long being stuck in the shipper closet.” Bonnie said with understanding as she wrapped her arms around his waist comfortingly.

“Yes I have.” He said pouting.

“Well I’ll never stop shipping Stilas and I don’t want to change you even though you ship Klefan, so how about a compromise?” Bonnie reasoned. Damon looked intrigued at this.

“Klefilas.” Bonnie announced. Damon looked contemplative at this.

“Evaluating new ship…” He mumbled to himself before he broke out in a grin.

“Headcanon accepts.” He told her. She smiled sweetly at him before giving him a sweet kiss. She’d never oppress a fellow shipper even if they’re ship went against hers. She was a multishipper anyway.

anonymous asked:

So Silas noticed that his doppelganger was sad all the time but all the living beings couldn't. Nice job friends and family of Stefan S. His supposed enemies (Klaus Silas) notice these things but his friends can never. I even said this on some other blog that In this season Stefan seems distant and just rolls with the situation. He doesn't complain (like to be test object to find Tom) it's like he was done with life and writers did wanted to show that and Silas confirmed that but nobody noticed.

That’s because Stefan, Silas and Klaus are all in love. :) But yeah I know, I don’t like how Stefan has been written this season. Actually, nearly all of the characters have been pretty OOC this season I think.

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A mix of Klaus/Stefan/Silas/Caroline xD ( Someone should come up with a name for that ship)

hmm..Klefiaroline? lol

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Thanks for the ask :)