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“Are you sure it’s alright that I stay here?” Y/N looked around the spacious courtyard of the compound.
“Of course,” Klaus said, a hand resting now against Y/N’s shoulder to stop their spinning around. “You can stay as long as you like.”
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Do you think Klaus loved Katherine?

I have an ask similar to this— which I’ll do in a little. This is a rather difficult question to be honest and I feel it might become really long.

I know some people are bias toward this my friend definitely is—- if you know the history of Klaus and Katherine in the books and read stuff on it, than you’ll know that Klaus was extremely abusive towards her. I almost feel wrong for justifying his abuse…ing of her. But I will. Klaus is a monster. He’s never BEEN HUMAN. He has no idea what being a human means. Sure he’s seen it, seen how they act. But HE HIMSELF doesn’t understand those types of feelings. He’s brutal, he lived his life treating humans as play things. Slaves almost.

So when a woman who has heard stories about Klaus and the danger he imposes (gurden i think her name is) desperate to save her ladies life (Katherine was very very ill.) It piques his curiosity. Klaus does not turn people out of boredom. So if he turns someone— he either has plans for them, or they will turn out being sincerely special to him. LIKE KATHERINE. What he saw laying in that bed was a frail little girl, just barely clinging onto life. But she had this— fight in her. He saw something special that made him decide to turn her.

And to be honest he thought that was the end of it. Though maybe he’d periodically check on her to see if she was fairing well. (He didn’t like disappointment— i.e he’s not too happy about the Salvatores’ coming from his bloodline.) Klaus found her in her weakest moment since her death bed. Most likely weak from not knowing how to hunt— not drinking the right amount of blood. He taught her what it meant to be a vampire— or shall I say monster.

I guess this is where it gets tricky. The Original Vampires (Old ones) in the books to me are fully capable of love. But not in the way we would view love. To me— Klaus’ view of love is twisted. Completely. He treats Katherine like a child at times and maybe sometimes his equal. Though if he’s treating you as his equal, you better beware. He kept Katherine around for a couple of centuries and even let her think that she had succeeded in killing him. That right there says a lot, because being an original—- if you awoke with a younger vampire attempting to kill you, wouldn’t you want to tear them to pieces? But Klaus LET her believe he was dead. And she went on believing he was dead until her own death. Speaking about HER death. The only reason Klaus came to Fells Church was to enact revenge on Elena and Co for their responsibility in Katherines’ death. ESPECIALLY ELENA, since she is the one who did it.

So yes. In my opinion…in his own sick and twisted version of love— Klaus DID/DOES love Katherine. Very much. I doubt he’d ever admit it though. By the way, this whole relationship is the reason why Vampire Diaries exists. IT PROPELLED THE WHOLE SERIES