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Lets all just pretend that the fact that Aelin felt what it was like to be Rowan when she touched the wyrd key, and Rowan (who has been in a mate bond and knows how carranam works) had no idea why that happened, from the first night they met could have conversations without speaking, and feel each others pain when they aren’t around isn’t driving us crazy because dammit we need to know wtf is actually going on with these two seriously. And before you before you ask, the answer is no, its not the just because of the blood oath or being carranam. 

Seriously, what is Rowaelin. Cause there is something way larger at play here

Crazy Facts about King Farouk of Egypt

One of the most interesting figures in history, King Farouk ruled Egypt from 1936 until 1952.  One of history’s most legendary mad monarchs, Farouk’s craziness and hedonism is the stuff of legends, rivaling mad Roman Emperors of ancient times.  Here’s a short list of facts detailing his nuttiness.

-Made it illegal to own a red car in Egypt. Amassed a large personal fleet of 100 red cars, so that he could drive like crazy all over Egypt and police would know not to pull him over.  Would shoot out other people’s tires.  Ambulances followed him around to pick up people injured by his antics.

-Would go to restaurants and throw food at people.

-Typical breakfast started with caviar, followed by large quantities of boiled eggs, toast, lobster, steak, lamb, chicken, and pigeon.

-Often drank 20-30 sodas a day.

-Once had a nightmare where he was attacked by a lion.  Went to the Cairo zoo and shot all the lions with a rifle.

-Though married, had numerous mistresses, including novelist Barbara Skelton.

-Favorite aphrodisiac was honey with powdered rhinoceros horn.

-Was a kleptomaniac. Hired professional thieves to teach him how to pickpocket.

 -Would pickpocket guests, politicians, and diplomats at official functions.

-Pickpocketed Winston Churchill, stealing his pocket watch.

-Stole a ceremonial sword, sash, and medals off the corpse of the Shah of Iran during his funeral in 1944.

-MI6 and CIA codenames for him were “Fat Pig” and “Fat Fucker” respectively.

-Was ousted from rule 1952 and forced into exile.  Left behind collections of jewelry, ancient Egyptian artifacts, various trinkets he had stolen, a sizeable stamp collection, a rare coin collection comprising 8,500 pieces, and a collection of pornography so large it can only be described as “epic” in proportions.

-Lived the rest of his life in exile in Monaco and Italy.  Died in 1965 at a restaurant table after consuming a large meal of oysters, lobster with sauce, lamb, and beans, followed by a Cuban cigar.