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Bollywood Cinnamon Roll #1

Naina - Kal Ho Na Ho

First of all, if your name is Naina and you’re in a Bollywood movie, your going to be nerdy but secretly gorgeous. (Me and @myluckyerror have already discussed this.) Being nerdy, irritable and introverted(?) requires a lot of energy and happiness. these sort of people also don’t have many friends. Her family is also a gigantic mess and she is torn between her mother and her grandmother. In conclusion, she doesn’t have the best support system. So when Aman comes and shows her how to love and smile and all the good stuff, she falls for him. She loves him. AND THEN THIS LITTLE MOFO BREAKS HER HEART AND TELLS HER THAT HE’S MARRIED AND THEN HE HOOKS HER UP WITH HER BEST FRIEND AND SHE’S FINALLY HAPPY AND THE VOILA HE’S ACTUALLY DYING AND THIS GUY SOLVED EVERYTHING FOR HER BUTNOW HE’S DYING AND SHE CAN’T PAY HIM BACK AND SHE’S SAD.

Naina did not deserve this.

My pieces were scattered across the ground,
And you came by and picked them up,
Tucked them into the corner of your ever expanding heart.
You brushed away the dust and smoothed the jagged edges.
The warmth of your heart melted into mine.
Now don’t leave me.
Or what will become of my pieces?
What will happen to my heart?
Will it freeze over again?
And my pieces spill across the ground,
Never to be picked up again,
Now accompanied by the bits of your heart.
No one is like you,
To smile and bring the sun with you.
And so I will remain alone,
And my pieces will be swept away by the wind,
And tossed into the depths of the galaxy.

Kantaben’s Encounter - Kal Ho Naa Ho - Comedy Week (by Dharma Productions)