mine: kg

nights like this i wonder if you regret the choice you made. if you regret picking her over me. i hate that this still lingers on my mind, but it does and i can’t help but think, do you miss me? do you look for me in every person you meet? or did she replace the memory of me? on the nights that you can’t sleep do i somehow linger in your mind?
—  kg

Puedes hacerte adicto a cierta clase de tristeza,
como resignarte al final,
siempre el final.
Así que cuando nos dimos cuenta que no teníamos sentido,
bueno, dijiste que todavía podíamos ser amigos,
pero admitiré que me alegré de que se acabara.

Pero no tenías que cortar todos los lazos conmigo,
hacer como que nunca hubiera pasado,
y que no fuimos nada,
y ni siquiera necesito tu amor,
pero me tratas como a un extraño,
y eso resulta tan duro.

Ahora eres sólo alguien que solía conocer.

—  Somebody that i used to know - Gotye.

anonymous asked:

what is it about the first season of keroro gunso compared to the later episodes that make keroro look much more friendly and adorable?

i think it was just a shift in style, the manga is the same way

originally keroro was much more chunky and his eyes were placed lower

i guess he looks more frog-like? which is probably what the intent was

but as time went on the style shifted and ended up like this

it happens to p much any artist as they settle into drawing something repeatedly, they’ll change some things here and there and be like “oh i like that much better” and the change will stick

though, by the time they started on the anime, that slight stylistic change was already starting, so keroro was like this in the first episode

but ~300 episodes later, he looks how everyone is used to seeing him; smaller body, larger keron star, longer legs, eye placement higher up, etc

there’s also the children appeal factor, though.. idk if the manga was ever specifically marketed towards children (tho i doubt it bc of the panty shots n stuff) but i know the anime definitely was, as evidenced by the keroro land contests and the whole shurara corps thing

(for those unaware, the shurara corps arc is specifically anime only – from what i remember, it was a contest run for kids to submit their orikeros/keroro OCs to the keroro land magazine and the winners got put in the anime)

but i think mostly it was just style shift

also it’s been a Very Long Time since i’ve been in the keroro fandom so something may be wrong in that infodump but w/e