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Dizi onerir misin sabahlara kadar uyumuycam liste yapiyorum da boyle cok cok oner ama pls :)

Yine 917381 tane dizi önerisi istenmiş her hafta yapıyorum bu son artık en uzunu bu
-Kill me Heal me
-Tomorrow With You
-The Legend Of The Blue Sea
-Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
-Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
-Missing 9
-Cheese in the Trap
-Reply Serisi
-She Was Pretty
-Oh My Venus
-Sassy Go Go
-King Of High School
-School 2013-School 2015
-Plus Nine Boys
-Secret Garden
-I hear your voice
-Cinderella and Four Knights
-7 First Kisses
-Descendants of the Sun
-The Liar and His Lover
-Shut Up Flower Boy Band
-Personal Taste
-Coffee Prince
-Moorim School
-Moon Lovers
-Doctor Stranger


“You should give way to me in the next life.” 

Hwi Young confessed to Shin Yul about his feelings for Soo Hyun. 

Why is it so heart wrenching when I see the folded photo.

I’m getting Jung Pal feels. Hwi Young gave all his heart and soul to his country, gave up the girl for his best friend. 😭😭😭

“I sometimes like to make lists of actor pairings I want to see in future dramas, and I got 2 that actually got paired recently! (Park Bo Young/Hyung Shik in SWDBS, Kim Ji Won/Park Seo Joon in Fight My Way). I’m really hoping luck is on my side and the next pairing I see from my wishlist is either Kim Woo Bin/Lee Sung Kyung or a reunion of Ji Soo/Jung Eunji from Sassy Go Go or Ji Soo/IU from Moon Lovers. ik it sounds delusional but I can tell which actors will have chemistry, I’m usually right.”


Just a few days (or maybe it was just 1 day) without her and he went back to “speaking” to the walls. Unlike Ji Wook, Bong Hee doesn’t have any obvious tell but after her trial, she is incredibly lonely too.

By the end of the drama, I want them to not only have each other but a supportive group of friends as well. This writer gave us Protect the Boss, where all the leads got over their initial rivalries/enmity and ended up as great friends. So I’m holding on to hope that Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung can be those friends for Ji Wook and Bong Hee. Of course, nobody cheated on their boyfriend with their best friend in PTB, so I have no clue how the writer can pull this off or whether it’s even possible. But the lack of other characters on the show leaves Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung as the only options, so I’m holding on to hope that this can still happen.

Listen to my prayers Drama Gods!