mine: kate argent


Look at her Here, Innocent,New to town, Attracted to the Cute boy Who gave her a pencil On Her first day. Who she fell in love with. 

They Look completely happy Together. And You all thought That it would End well for them, and It would be an Easy relationship.

Wrong, The Cute boy Who she fell in Love with, is A werewolf. And She comes from A Line of Werewolf Hunters.

This, Line Right here, Shows that Allison was never allowed to be Just a girl. She had to be tougher then that,  She switched Gymnastics for a Bow. Probably at Young age. 

The Situation, was Probably terrifying For Even Jackson. And She wanted to feel stronger, As If She had to.  That shows a lot about her Upbringing. 

And When, She does Figure about werewolves. She is barely keeping herself Together. And, She thinks She’ll be able to think of something else at the Dance, something to keep her mind off Of it. When her Boyfriend, Shows her that He’s what She’s supposed to kill.

Listen, I don’t care If Kate Is a psychopath. Because She is, But She was the Closest Thing Allison had to a Sister. And They were close.Probably because Kate is a lot younger Then Chris. 

Which Makes what Kate did Next to her even More Horrible. She Basically twisted Allison’s thoughts. To Think Scott Lied to her about His secret, That He knew about her family, Just to get her to Think Like Herself and Gerard.

It Still Hurt Allison, Horribly, Even Though Knew Her Aunt tricked her, and What her Aunt Had done to the Hales. When This Happened:

Now, Onto Season 2. She is forbidden By Her parents to see Scott, or Their going to kill Him. And They’ve said it several times.  And Your thinking Allison’s Life Couldn’t Get Any worse right? Wrong. When Gerard comes to town, it gets worse.

He’s there Hunting werewolves,  Not Just any werewolves. ALL OF THEM.And He, Does the exact same thing Kate does, or tries to do. He tries to manipulate Allison against the werewolves.  AND IF GERARD WAS NOT ENOUGH. HER MOTHER JOINS THE PARTY.

At the raid, She went to to protect people From Getting Killed, Her Mother tries Killing her boyfriend. Which in turn, Get’s her mother bit, By Said boyfriend’s Alpha friend. Since the Argent’s are all frightening, It’s Either, If One of them gets bit,  They kill themselves or The Argent’s hunt them down when They turn.

And That’s What Victoria planned to do. She didn’t  care about her Daughter, She cared about the code, and She believed that code.Since Allison didn’t know Her Mother was bitten, She went to Lydia’s party, During the full moon. And If It wasn’t enough that her mother Killed herself, She did it on her bed

Even Though Her Mother Was terrifying, Allison was still tore up inside. And You could see it on her face. She was scared, and She was  scared of being scared. She literally put her hand up, so her father didn’t hug her, because She didn’t want to seem weak

Chris, Didn’t want Allison to know it was Derek who bit her. But Gerard told her, So She would want to kill him. So He could twist her, Just like Kate. And When She went with Him against the Kanima. He said He didn’t care about Allison, He’d willingly let her die just so He could become the Alpha, So He wouldn’t die.

That Probably Broke Her,  The person She thought She could trust, Would willingly Kill Her.

And, Now on to Season 3. 

Allison And Chris Just get back from getting away, and It seems as If They can’t even live in the same house, Because of the memories,.

When She went, to Follow Scott and Stiles, and When She was trying to help Scott, She was freaking out, because She was hallucinating her mother Scolding her for shaking, and showing emotion.

And Then,  Her Father willing Gives himself up the Darach , After Handcuffing her, And She had no idea what He was doing, or what his plan was.

That face right there, Is one of A girl who just realized that her father Gave himself over to be sacrificed. And That she might have to attend Yet another funeral, For One of her family members. 

This girl killed Herself, With Scott and Stiles, In the Surrogate Sacrifices, So Her Father didn’t have to die. So She wouldn’t lose Another Person.

And When All is good for them, In the Last scene of this part of the Season. She isn’t breaking down, or Thinking about what Happened. She’s changing her family’s code, Which She realized is wrong. And She made it so their not hunting those who hunt them, But Their protecting people. 

And, In Season 3b, She’s being Haunted by Someone who Was her best friend, Who In all of her hallucinations, Made her Try and Kill People She loved. 

I’m Surprised Allison’s even Able to get out of bed in the Morning. Anyone Who deals with this much, Doesn’t deserve so Much Shit on How She acts. She’s trying.She’s Still a human being.  


The Jaguar

[…] The most powerful predator of the region, the jaguar, was associated with the omnipotent Aztec god Tezcatlipoca and was the form the sun took on its nightly journey through the underworld Mictlan, to fight off the dangers so it might emerge triumphant the next morning. Each night the jaguar lost part of his flesh in the nocturnal battle. 

Black jaguars live in the north and central areas of the South American continent, especially in the forests around the Amazon and of Central and Southern Mexico. Some in the deeply forested regions have developed dark coats through which the spots faintly shine.

The Mayans, who occupied southern Guatemala and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula from about AD 200 until AD 900, worshipped the war god Cit-Chac-Coh, whose name means twin of the red lion. This refers to the cougar or mountain lion that is similar to the jaguar. He was very protective and guarded villages from harm, and he was called the Earth Father, Lord of all the forest. His jaguarlike roar formed, it was said, the roar of thunder.

Throughout South America in folklore it is still told that the jaguar taught humans to use bows and arrows and gave them cooked meat from his own fire. But men stole the fire and killed his wife, and so the jaguar lives alone in deep forests and is now their enemy.

Fabulous Creatures Mythical Monsters and Animal Power Symbols, A Handbook.

So while discussing the last episode with my friend this morning and all the dropped storylines teen wolf has had, i remembered something from season 2.

Remember the thing that startled Isaac in 2x01, while he was digging Kate Argent’s grave?

We never got an answer as to whose hand that was, but everyone collectively decided it was too feminine to belong to the omega who shows up later in the episode.

So what if that was Kate? Trying to catch a glimpse of her so called final resting place. It would have been to risky to actually try the day of + in the day time, so she went the night before.

Also, Chris specifically mentions Gerard insisting on having a funeral. What if he was in on it? He didn’t seem to opposed to becoming a shifter if it meant it would benefit him and I’m sure Kate being a shifter would have benefited him somehow considering she seems to have caused quite a bit of trouble since then. He insisted on a funeral for her, one surrounded by the media, he wanted to make sure there was absolutely no doubt that she was dead. It would have been so easy to arrange to bury an empty box, it was, after all, closed.