mine: kamil stoch

Question: What are ski jumpers talking about?
Wrong answer: ski jumping
Correct answer: Liverpool

Kamil Stoch: “This is not only one time. We’re usually speaking about Liverpool because I know almost all Norwegian team is supporting Liverpool. Maybe not all (laughs) Maybe not Anders (laughs more). But Stjernen and Daniel-André, so we talk to each other about this and today of course we said a couple of words about yesterday’s victory. And it’s always nice to have friends. I treat all the ski jumpers in the world cup and anywhere else as my friends.”


Kamil Stoch - one of the most successful ski jumpers in the history of this sport 👑 🏆 🏅

✓ Individual World Champion (Val di Fiemme 2013)
✓ Bronze Team medalist at Ski World Championships (Val di Fiemme 2013)
✓ Double Olympics Games Champion (Sochi 2014)
✓ World Cup overall winner (2013/14)
✓ Bronze team medalist at Ski World Championships (Falun 2015)
✓ Winner of two consecutive Four Hills Tournaments (2016/17 & 2017/18)
✓ Team World Champion (Lahti 2017)
✓ Silver medalist at Raw Air Tournament (2017)

✓ Silver medalist at 2018 Ski Flying World Championships (Oberstdorf 2018)