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Kame Radio Tidbits 2016.12.31

Fanmail: Good morning Kame-chan. I’m a 4th grade boy. During the 10Ks concert, I wore the Sekai Ichi Tame ni Naru Tabi outfit my mom made. Her birthday is in January. Can you say Happy Birthday to my mom, who loves Kame-chan? I’m also eagerly waiting to talk to Kame-chan

Kame: He sent a photo ne, that’s awesome. The name badge says “Kame-chan Fan” [Translator’s Note: It says “Kame-chan tantou” which literally means “in charge of Kame-chan”]
Boy: (Mom handed him the phone) Hello?
Kame: Hello, this is Kamenashi. What were you doing just now?
Boy: Is this Kame-chan?
Kame: Yes it is, thank you for coming to 10Ks. What were you doing?
Boy: I was taking a bath
Kame: (Has conversation about the bath) It’s your mom’s birthday right? Kame-chan is going to congratulate her, so tell me her name?
Boy: (Hands phone to mom without answering)
Mom: Hello?
Kame: Eh? *LOL* (Wishes her Happy Birthday)
Mom: Thank you so much!

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Fanmail: There is someone I started liking in 2016. Here at the end of 2016, I’d like to convey my feelings to that person!

Kame: Hello Sakura-chan, this is Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out
Fan: *flails* Eh?? You’re kidding!
Kame: By the way, what are you doing right now?
Fan: I was taking a bath
Kame: Everyone’s taking a bath ne *LOL*. There seems to be a lot of people taking a bath *LOL*. (Advises her to use a towel and not catch a cold). How old are you?
Fan: 17
Kame: Oh 17?
Fan: No that’s not true, I’m 16
Kame: 16 years old? Why did you tell a small lie like that?
Fan: Because like, I’m going to be 17
Kame: There’s someone you started liking in 2016
Fan: Yes
Kame: Well then please give that person a message
Fan: *shyly* It’s Kamenashi-kun
Kame: Ohh! Me?
Fan: Yeah
Kame: You started liking me in 2016? What was the cause?
Fan: Probably because of Yamaneko
Kame: “Probably”
Fan: Well, my friend likes KAT-TUN. And then a bunch of us who like Johnny’s sang karaoke together. I originally liked Arashi, but then, you know, we sang a bunch of different songs. When I heard KAT-TUN, it was like, aren’t they so kakkoii! Around December I started listening to KAT-TUN’s songs, I felt like I was falling for Kamenashi-kun [Translator’s Note: Not certain about this last phrase, I can’t hear it clearly]
Kame: Oh that makes me happy
Fan: And when I watched Yamaneko, it was like “Oh so cute!” *giggles*
Kame: Cute huh, *LOL*. The 16 year old Sakura-chan thinks I’m cute
Fan: You know how at the end of the last episode, all that happened, and after the fighting was finished and the silliness started. Even though everyone else was like, “Ah Kamenashi-kun! Oh the plot turned out like that??” Meanwhile I was thinking by myself, Kamenashi-kun is super cute right now~
Kame: *LOL*

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[your favorite color is] Blue. Your favorite food, is veggie pizza. If you could own any animal in the world, it would be the ocelot. The nectarine, is your favorite fruit. Your first crush, was Ellen Fickety; cause of her cute laugh! Oh, and I know your biggest secret! But I swore I’d never speak those words out loud!”