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You know what really gets to me about Big Time Rush (the show)? How Kendall gave up his dream of becoming a hockey player, to make James’ dream come true (and Logan and Carlos did, too). How James, Carlos and Logan tried to convince Kendall to go to LA by himself. James was clearly hurt when Gustavo picked Kendall over him, but he still wanted Kendall to go, because he knew it was the chance of a lifetime. Then there’s the fact that even though James really liked Lucy, he helped Kendall get together with her, because he wanted him to be happy. And then there’s the ending, in which Kendall says that his dream came true. His dream had been to be a hockey player, but eventually, James’ dream became his dream, and that’s so beautiful. And their friendship is just so beautiful.

First Lines

Thank you @malmo722 for tagging me in this wonderful post. I think mine may also be multiple fandoms because I haven’t writtent much for bughead just yet.

Rules: Paste the 1st lines of your last 10 stories. Then tag ten of your favorite writers to complete the challenge, too.

Untitled - Betty x Jughead - Riverdale (still in the works)

Betty was sitting at her desk when the Wanted posted landed in her inbox with a light swoosh. “Do you know where we might be able to find him?”

When the Curtain Falls - Betty x Jughead - Riverdale

Forsythe (Jughead) Jones,

We are happy to announce that we have selected you as the winner of the Presidential Scholarship Award. You will receive a one year’s full tuition to New York Academy of the Arts acting and directing program.

Camera Shy - Betty x Jughead - Riverdale

Betty sits at their usual table in the library, tapping her pen against her notebook as she waits for Jughead to meet her.

After School Special - Betty x Jughead - Riverdale

Jughead waltzed into class with a frozen coke in his hands, overly aware of the fact that the bell rang over fifteen minutes ago.

Little Black Box - Betty x Jughead - Riverdale

She’d given him an ultimatum.

Playing With Fire - Betty x Jughead - Riverdale

Jughead drummed his fingers against the steering wheel. His entire body was shaking; he could feel the adrenaline pulsing in his veins.

Adventures In Babysitting - Betty x Jughead - Riverdale

Betty leaned against Jughead in their regular booth at Pop’s, nursing a strawberry milkshake while Jughead went to town on a double deluxe cheeseburger.

Wicked Games - Kendall x James - Big Time Rush (super gay smut lol)

“You know what I want,” it came out muffled as Kendall’s lips smothered James, rolling his hips up against him as James gently pressed down onto his shoulders.

Cherry Red Lipstick - Kendall x James - Big Time Rush (I miss them so much)

Kendall plucked at the cardigan he wore, dusting off lint as he buttoned up in front of the mirror.

The Thirteenth Hour - Kendall x James - Big Time Rush (I forgot how dark this story was)

He stared at the rope, hanging from the ceiling boards of his room in the attic.

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