mine: kames

Okay, but...

You know what really gets to me about Big Time Rush (the show)? How Kendall gave up his dream of becoming a hockey player, to make James’ dream come true (and Logan and Carlos did, too). How James, Carlos and Logan tried to convince Kendall to go to LA by himself. James was clearly hurt when Gustavo picked Kendall over him, but he still wanted Kendall to go, because he knew it was the chance of a lifetime. Then there’s the fact that even though James really liked Lucy, he helped Kendall get together with her, because he wanted him to be happy. And then there’s the ending, in which Kendall says that his dream came true. His dream had been to be a hockey player, but eventually, James’ dream became his dream, and that’s so beautiful. And their friendship is just so beautiful.

So this is just a quick English sub of my school’s portion of Kame and Tao-chan’s appearance on Tuesday Surprise. I always knew it was a heritage site but I didn’t know it was literally the oldest girls’ school in Hakodate! Anyway, the school nurse and I were a little disappointed that Wentz didn’t come, but ok NOT COMPLAINING because we get to see CELEBRITIES amirite? (Also I almost mistook Daigo for a crew member, oops).

Also, I’ll pimp the movie since our school’s band is featured in it. Really proud of the hard work our girls put in every single day to practice! (They spend more time in school than I do lbh). Plus Hakodate is SUPER proud of being the main location of this movie and I love this lil’ city so I don’t know if you’re interested in the film’s plot but do check out our pretty scenery and stuff.