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Okay you know how everybody debates who will find out the other's true identity first, well what if Chloé finds out first. Not Marinette, Adrien, Alya or Nino, unlike most speculation. HOW DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD GO DOWN?! Because on one hand, that's "her" man. And she hates Marinette. BUT On the other hand, she loves ladybug....???!!!!!

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So tbh, I’ve thought about this a few times before because I, too, wonder how Chloe will face the dilemma that she idolizes Ladybug and has been mean to Marinette the entire time. If her current pattern of behavior in the show is anything to go by, my feeling is that she would deny it hardcore at first.

(This ended up being a long meta about Chloe’s character so ready or not, here we go~)

Notice in Evillustrator, when Adrien tells her they think the akumatized villain is after her, she responds like this:

“No, everybody adores me!”

Then, in Antibug, when asked if she thinks someone might have a grudge on her, she responds the same way:

“Everybody loves me!”

At first glance, Chloe may seem like she’s just full of herself. I mean, so far, the show has depicted her as a rich, snobby, stuck-up brat, right?

But wait. Look closer at these moments.

She’s not simply just a ditsy girl with no brain. I think she knows. She’s aware that people don’t like her. In the first gif there from Dark Cupid, Sabrina gets hit by a dark!arrow and turns against her. Chloe doesn’t even retaliate. She groans in what I’d argue as unsurprised acceptance. In both Dark Cupid and Antibug, the behavior Chloe shows on the outside follows the haughty assumption that Sabrina worships her. She makes demands, claims “Impossible! Sabrina adores me!” – but ultimately, even when Sabrina does turn on her, she doesn’t show any surprise. It’s almost as if she knows deep down she deserves it.

There’s an interesting podcast I heard recently on This American Life about a Chinese girl who was forced to lie to her grandma about the doctor’s projected timeline of her life. (I promise this is related.) Her grandma’s sister was told the news that the grandma had 3 months left to live. As the closest relative, the sister was free to do whatever she wanted with that information so she chose to convince the entire family to keep it a secret. However, just in case she really ended up dying, they arranged for the narrator’s uncle to push his wedding up earlier. The entire time, the narrator was stressed because she wanted to tell her grandma something so important, and several times throughout the wedding, it felt very obvious that her grandma knew what they were up to. In the end, they managed to never bring it up or talk about it at all.

Her grandma ended up living much longer than 3 months. Why? Most likely, her grandma knew. She knew her time was short on Earth, but instead of being told straight up the 3 month estimate, she kept going on with her life as is.

There are also several stories out there as well about people who know they have some sort of sickness or disease, but just refuse and keep lying to themselves about it. Sometimes, it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. The point is, lying can often be used in a beneficial way, and I think Chloe understands and does this. She may put up a front and act like she thinks everyone likes her, but I’d argue that she knows the truth. Chloe isn’t out of touch with reality, but she denies and tell herself the things that help her remain strong (and powerful). As long as she believes people love her, despite what she knows the truth to be, she will remain happy, strong, and – who knows? maybe the lie will come true. In general, I think she’s a much stronger person internally and mentally than our first glance from the outside.

So back to how she’d react if she found out Ladybug’s identity first. I think she’d deny it in a similar vein she’s done previously, because the fact that she’s been an asshole to her idol, and that her idol probably hates her, isn’t going to sit well with her. She’ll lie to herself until she’s content with the idea that Mari/Ladybug doesn’t hate her as much as those annoyed groans and angry looks show she is. Everybody adores her! Chloe will cling onto these lies – at first.

But then, unlike the illness easing up for that narrator’s grandma from This American Life, Marinette isn’t going to forgive Chloe as easily. In Mari’s eyes, there’s no proof so far that Chloe has changed. But Chloe’s behavior in the shadow of these lies will soon catch up to her. Maybe her insecurity will leak out. Maybe she’ll push Ladybug’s nerves too far. Maybe she’ll do something incredibly nasty towards Marinette as a way of confirming her own lies. Either way, at some point, maybe Chloe will go too far (see @breeeliss‘s well thought out post on that here) and Mari will snap. It’ll be so terrible that Chloe herself can’t deny how badly she’s messed up. It will take a while, but eventually, I think Chloe will start to accept that she can’t lie to herself about this one. And from there, she’ll finally decide it’s time for a change.



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