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L (stolen kiss) and holsom please?

“Shh,” Ransom hissed before he dissolved into giggles again.

“You’re the one who keeps laughing,” Holster shot back, still pulling him down the hallway. They were at Faber, they had just won their last regular season game, and they were headed back to the Frozen Four. Ransom’s happiness was definitely warranted, but it was not great for sneaking.

Ransom followed him down the twisting hallways to the old equipment room, far away from the rest of the celebrating team.

“Okay, are we finally far enough away?” Ransom asked, just resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

“Bro, you know we can’t afford the fines anymore, and technically it’s playoffs so they’re doubled now. Do you wanna live in a nice place after graduation or a shithole?”

“What exactly do you think we’re gonna do that would get us fined so much we’d have to live in a shithole?” Ransom asked, arching an eyebrow.

“I could think of a few things,” Holster smirked at him.

“We’re not doing any of that outside of the attic,” Ransom warned him.

“Alright, alright. Can I kiss you now?”


Holster still hadn’t let go of Ransom’s hand, and he pulled him closer to grab his other hand. “Good job, Captain,” Holster said as he leaned in for the kiss.

Ransom pulled back a little bit. “Wait, is that like - does that do it for you? And how did I not know this yet?”

“Um, a little bit?” Holster looked flustered.

“Good to know,” Ransom pulled him back in, and the flush on Holster’s cheeks wasn’t from embarrassment anymore, and definitely had something to do with the fact that Ransom had managed to get his hands free and was grabbing Holster’s ass.

They were interrupted barely a minute later by a scream of “MOTHERFUCKING FINE CO CAPS”. Ransom was so startled he nearly fell over, and Holster grabbed his arm to keep him steady.

“Shitty, you don’t even go here!” Holster complained.

“Once a Wellie, always a Wellie,” Shitty said sagely.

“What are you even doing back here?” Ransom groused.
“Shits, are you back here?”

“Ooooh,” Ransom and Holster chorused at the sound of Lardo’s voice.

“Do we need to have another pot/kettle discussion?” Ransom asked.

“Uhhhh,” Shitty said eloquently.

“Tell you what,” Holster said, “we won’t mention it if you don’t.”

“Mention what?” Lardo stuck her head into the room. “Shouldn’t you two be celebrating with the rest of the team?”

“And that’s our cue,” Holster said, following Ransom out of the old equipment room. They had gone maybe 200 m before Ransom stopped him and kissed him again.

“Risky business,” Holster murmured when he finally pulled back.

“I’m thinking we should just declare tonight a fine-free zone,” Ransom said.

“Oh, you don’t like the clandestine kisses?” Holster waggled his eyebrows.

“We’ll spend half the party hiding if we keep the fines,” Ransom argued.

“Yeah, but we’ll have to see Chow all over Farmer if we don’t. Not to mention Jack and Bitty.”

“Really, you’d be looking at other people if there were no fines?”

“I-” Holster started to protest, then shrugged. “Okay, but don’t complain when there’s no cookies because Bitty is getting busy.”

“A) he would anyways, b) who says that anymore?, c) he already made cookies and tried to hide them.”

“Okay, fine-free zone it is.”

“ ‘Swawesome.”

Their argument had carried them back to the dressing room, and Ransom yelled “NO FINES TONIGHT!” before turning to kiss Holster again, completely ignoring the cheering that followed his announcement.

Holster definitely wasn’t complaining.


Finally! Sorry this took so long friend (this was requested way before the bus trip, so I made sure to do it first). Hope you like it

CHECK IT OUT! I tried my best to create a cleaner version of the Shape of You audio from Produce 101. The “Center of You” boys’ voices are in here! I tried to remove fan cheering, but it made it sound weird, so in the end I could only get rid of a little bit of cheering :/ Almost a minute into the track, I shifted into clean audio that sounds exactly like what they used onstage. 

This is the first audio I’ve ever done, so bear with me. Enjoy!

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“No go to a different one” You covered your eyes as your boyfriend Justin went through the horror category on Netflix. it was his turn to pick the movie but you had already told him before he came over that he wasn’t allowed to pick a scary movie. 

“We’ve already watched everything else”. He laughed as he went back to the categories.

“Um, we could watch Hocus Pocus again?” You suggested.

“No way, if I have to hear that cat’s backstory one more time, I’m gonna freak out”.

After about thirty minutes of trying to find something you gave in and let him pick a scary one.

* * *

“Jesus Christ!” You put the blanket back over your eyes when the ghost jumped at the girl from behind the closet door.

Justin laughed “Does this stuff really freak you out?”

You turned your head to look at him “No I’m just a really good actor.”

He kissed you and smiled again. He loved your sarcasm and you knew that.

He pointed the remote at the television and clicked out of the movie. He flipped to Hocus Pocus and sighed. He pulled you closer to him and kissed you on the cheek.

“Next weekend it’s a horror movie marathon.” He whispers in your ear



i do this. this is final pam. you remember how your backyard barbeque go, the smiths. pretty good it doesn’t seem. ha ha. i tell little joke. next time, you invite pam.

13 Reasons Why

Also known as “Everybody Loves Tony” or “Jeff Deserved Better”