mine: justified

the number one argument i hear being used against romione is ‘they’re not intellectually compatible and hermione wouldn’t be satisfied with ron’s mediocrity’ like ?????????? what books have you read????? where are you getting these ideas?????? why are you dismissing someone’s intelligence just because it’s shown in a different way??????? why are you acting like the only way to be intelligent is academically??????? why?????

like there are so many different ways to be intelligent, just because it’s not shown in an academic sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. please stop.


I’m sorry, marshal I lied to you, when I said I did not remember your daddy. I do remember him. Truth is, I remember every shot I gave him, the way his blood felt on my hands, the crying sound he made when I was laying in on him, and just when the sound was about to stop, he was on his way out… I was gonna finish him off… and looked up and saw you looking… Eyes big as dollar coins. You was about to pee down your little pants leg.