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I got to say this I love seeing all the support that each every one you give to one another its awesome to see  the martial arts community support one another no matter the style . I especially like seeing have we all check up on each other seeing how training goes teaching or just day to day life you guys rock. this is what it means to be a true martial artist caring about the people around you its our passion and drive for the martial arts that makes us family


Only Ronda Rousey could have a fight so fast that the entire fight can all be on instagram. #UFC #UFC184 #armbar #MMA #judo #rousey

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Ronda f'n Rousey!

First of all, All the stuff we try to do and talk about in class, she actually does: haromizing with her opponent, bridging, superior position, working the ranges.

Second, at this point commentators need to stop qualifying her as the best or most dominant “women’s” this or that. She IS the best pound for pound fighter in my opinion due to her finish rate. This is true martial skill (this transcends sport skill; MARTIAL as in “combat”) to impose your will on to your opponent so that you have the ultimate advantage She does this 100% of the time.“ No draws. No decisions. No disqualifications. There is no room for judging bias.

There has been no combat sport athlete since Mike Tyson in his prime that has been able to fight like this. Not Fedor, not Bones, not the Spider, not GSP, not even Money Mayweather.

It’s ludicrous that we imply that her accomplishments are somehow secondary to male fighters.

The devil deserves what she is due. Period.