mine: jude harrison


[1/15] Relationships

↳ Jude Harrison & Tommy Quincy

‘You all say the nicest things. “You’re so great, you’re so nice,” but none of you want to date me. So you wanna help me, Tommy? Tell me what I do wrong. Tell me why I’m so easy to give up, and then maybe I can fix it. ’

'You are asking the wrong guy.’

That Girl
Alexz Johnson

At best you could’ve confessed

That you’re a big mess,

And that you’re so damn weak.

I’m the smoke from your fire 

I’m that lie you can trust

I’m the chord on your guitar

I’m that girl you can’t shut up

I’m the blood you might need

In your car when you speed

In that cigarette you breathe

You can’t get rid of me.