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Elementary Season 5 episode 24, deleted scene: Joan Watson and Halcon

I thought this was an important scene. Before I saw this, and after reading Robert Doherty’s comments about upcoming events in season 6, I was under the impression that Joan was going to be blindsided by Halcon’s further “business” with her, but the deleted scene shows that Joan clearly expects the consequences of asking for Halcon’s help.

Jon Huertas’ new restaurant.

Castle actor Jon Huertas, who played Detective Esposito, has opened up a restaurant called Clutch Venice. It is location on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice California.

The restaurant is described as a Cali-Mex roadhouse. It is also equipped with a bar for those who prefer beers or wines to other drinks.

The restaurant has several menus, including: a lunch menu, a brunch menu, dinner menus, Taco Tuesday menus (yes, the restaurant celebrates the beloved day of the week), and a Happy hour menu.

You can reserve a table at the Cali-Mex restaurant, or if you’re like me and you prefer take out, you can place an order online.

Critics seem to enjoy the restaurant. One review reads: “This Venice restaurant doles out tasty Cali-Mex BBQ, including Santa Maria Tri-tip, carne asada fries, and smoked duck tacos. The time honored tradition of Taco Tuesday is practiced here, and you can indulge in some of the tastiest, cheapest tacos this side of the border.”

If you’re looking to visit the restaurant or get in touch with them, the address listed for the eatery is 427 Lincoln Boulevard. The phone number is (310)396-8749. You can also reach them via email at: info.clutch@gmail.com and the hours are:
Monday: 11:30am - 10pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 11:30am - 11pm
Friday: 11:30am - 12pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 12pm
Sunday: 10:30am - 10pm