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best of joe wright’s 2005 p&p commentary track

Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony.
I don’t understand. 
I love you.

Can we just appreciate Joe as a character for a moment?

I think it was really cool that reliability was one of the crests, that it was valued as a personality trait. Joe, though he was always studying for med school, was not “The Smart One” (Izzy had the crest of knowledge) He was the one who would stick behind and do the trivial but necessary tasks (as during the search for the 8th digidestined child, calling up their classmates in the school yearbook) while the other digidestined went on their action adventure. 

He wasn’t in a wheelchair, have self esteem issues, nor was he a “weak nerd” who had no other choice but to fill this role to be relevant to the team; he was just very responsible and steadfast in a way that strikes me now that I’m older and can look at the show with a bit of perspective. 

A/N: just sort of an imagine that came to my head and I had to type it out… I hope it’s okay and not total crap.

Basically you’re a fellow YouTuber & you’re filming a video with Caspar that ends up with some Joe kisses.

“Christ! Caspar I’m going to freeze to death!” You exclaimed watching as Joe and he poured bags of ice into the bath, the lights and cameras set up round the small space.

“No you won’t, just - shut up.” Caspar lost his words as he put the empty ice bag into the bin and grinned a pearly white smile at you.

You stood in your black bikini with a white towel wrapped around your shoulders, your hair was up in a messy bun. “My nipples are hard just looking at it.” You murmured lowly and Joe turned his head quickly giving you a slight evil grin.

“Can I feel?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows and Caspar scoffed. You had been friends with these two & the others for a little bit over a year now and finally spent more of your time with them since you moved from (place) to London.

Yours cheeks flushed looking to the towel covered tile floor, “Wh-no! Shut up!” You finally managed feeling like Caspar having trouble with your words.

You always had some feelings for Joe but you were too nervous and on edge to bring them up with him, thinking it might ruin the friendship.

“Alright guys seriously…” Caspar said, he was holding his vlogging camera up to his face; “hi guys this is behind the scenes of the new Brain Freeze video! Y/N is staring in it today! We’ve never had a girl before so… This’ll be fun!” He squinted while he smiled before turning the camera at you. “Are you nervous?” He asked you and you stared at the camera.

“No, not nervous at all to plunge myself into ice cold water!” You tried to sound sarcastic but gave Caspar and evil look over the camera.

Panning the camera back to himself Caspar tried looking serious. He whispered; “I think she’s kidding.” He turned his camera off and clapped his hands…

You looked down at the icy bath, standing on the edge of the tub, you felt goose bumps forming up your arms and legs, your heart fluttered with nervousness.

“Rolling.” Joe said looking from a view finder to you, he flashed you a warm smile but you swore you could see a bit of nervousness in his eyes for you.

“Alright,” Caspar introduced himself in his camera and finally looked at you, you nervously shook as you brought your feet down to the cold water.

“Ahh!!” You squealed feeling your muscles tense up as your body sunk into the ice. “HURRY UP!” You yelled at Caspar who seemed to hesitate on purpose with the questions. “it’s freezing! No seriously!” You started to chatter.

With questions coming at you, you got four wrong before as Caspar posed the fifth you practically screamed the answer at the top of your lungs and flung yourself from the water as quickly as possible.

“oh my God, oh my God, oh Christ.” You jumped from one frozen foot to the next, wrapping your towel around yourself shaking.

“The foil! The foil!” Caspar exclaimed pointing at the roll, Joe grabbed it and started wrapping it around your shoulders and body as you shook in cold.

“Fuck, fuck!” You couldn’t think of any other words in the moment, the foil doing absolutely nothing to help. “You’re fine, you’re okay!” Joe tried to keep telling you.

“I’m so cold!” You wobbled off in the tin foil clothes to Caspars room, flipping down on the bed you tried rolling into his covers.

“Awh you’re making my bed wet.” Caspar looked over you, but laughed at the same time, he pulled his covered around you as you lay your head on his pillow.

“Hold on I need to get the camera to film the ending,” he disappeared into the hallway.

“Never again!” You hissed to yourself. “I’ll never be warm again!” You exclaimed dramatically feeling the weight on the bed shift and you looked over…

“Bit dramatic aren’t you?” Joe laughed, running his fingers through his hair. “You don’t understand how cold I am!” You said to him seriously unamused he was laughing at your suffering.

“Sure do! I’ve done it remember? You laughed your ass off when you seen the video, I would know we were skyping remember?” Joe reminded and your facial expression dropped.

“Oh yeah.” You admitted becoming still before your teeth started chattering again warming up a bit but you still felt absolutely frozen.

You kept looking up at Joe with your (colour) eyes blinking rapidly, as he stared down at you.

“What if I blow on you?” He laughed and lent close to your face blowing his breath on you. “Not helping! Your breath stinks!” You exclaimed lying closing your eyes and turning your head away a bit.

With your eyes closed you shivered before you tensed and froze. You felt lips touching yours before pulling away and your eyes open wide.

Seeing Joe looking nervous and cautious. “I… Did you just kiss me?” You stammered.

“Yeah… I … Uhm… I did. Sorry.” Joe admitted looking away from you now and you felt the cold feeling across your body slowly fading away.

“No, I … I really enjoyed it.” You felt like you were blushing but you didn’t know how exactly that was possible being so chilly.

“So, would be alright if I did it again?” Joe asked you and you smiled, “it would,” you nodded and closed your eyes as your lips met with his.

His warm lips against your cold ones felt amazing. You shifted one of your covered arms from the foil and blankets to carefully move up touching the side of his face.

“Finally!” Caspar exclaimed breaking you apart quickly both looking in the direction his voice came from. “Caspar!” You said darkly seeing the camera in his hand.

“You’ve gotta cut that out!” Joe sounded serious.

“No way! This is going to get me so many views!” He squealed in delight, looking to Joe he looked at you and finally he looked back at Caspar.

The girlish look of delight slowly faded and became serious as Joe got up from the bed - advancing toward him.

“NO! No! N-n-n-no!” Caspar bolted as Joe started off behind him and they disappeared from view.

You couldn’t help but laugh before grinning to yourself as you curled over in the blankets…