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Can you give a non spoiler mini (or however long you want) review of JL? My friend saw the RT score and now he's hemming and hawing about going with us to see it. And I'm like, dude I sat through GOTG2 for you.

short answer: it’s a good fun comic book movie, and i think anyone who likes superheroes and superhero team ups will enjoy it.

long answer: while it has it’s issues with pacing and stuff (thanks to joss whedon and wb fucking it up) zack snyder’s world and vision still shine through. it’s got a lot of heart, humor, and action. everything you could want in a justice league movie. it takes these characters and brings them together to make a believable team. like these people become so in sync with each other and take down the bad guy and it’s awesome. 


As I’ve reported a couple of times now, I thoroughly enjoyed Justice League. Now it’s time to reveal my #1 favorite Justice League member… J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter!

Like Superman, J'onn is also the last of his race. However, unlike Superman, he doesn’t have the luxury of looking human and he certainly wasn’t raised by kindly farmers. Instead the League took him in and served as his family, and in turn he served as the heart and soul of the team for many years. Hoping it’s only a matter of time before he makes his way onto the big screen!

Reasons to be happy today:

  • As we know, Bruce takes the “be prepared” thing super seriously, and it did come in handy back when the Justice League was first starting out, because he had plans for situations the rest of them assumed were outlandish… until all of them happened. 
  • “How do we fight sentient machines??” “I have a file” “The military is building a death ray???” “I’ll send you the file” “How would I know how to communicate with an alternate universe?” “Well if you read the file–” After a few years, “Bruce has a file for that” became a JLA joke, generally used to tell someone they’re being ridiculous.
  • “Okay let me get this straight… you think they were gathering information through spyware concealed in the shells of the garden snails outside the kitchen window” “Hey, Bruce has a file for that” [Bruce grumbling in the background]
  • To answer the obvious question, yes, it caught on around Wayne Manor too. His kids use it all the time, though admittedly with a little more wariness, because they’re all intimately familiar with just how extensive Bruce’s files can get.
  • “For a second I thought this was some kind of Freaky Friday situation” “Yeah Bruce has a file for that” “Really?” “No. Probably. Who knows at this point?” Variant editions such as “Dick has a file for that” and “Tim has a file for that” have also entered the community vocabulary.
  • Bruce does occasionally have a file for that. It’s hilarious. Further variations include personal burns like “She says the kid is his” “Okay I know for a fact Bruce has a file for that one” and “I just want to encourage communication, you know?” “Bruce definitely does NOT have a file for that one, can I get an amen???” Bruce doesn’t think it’s nearly as funny as everybody else does. 

I can’t believe this is a real, official thing that exists??? Watch to enjoy 2 minutes of mark hammil talking to himself lmao