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JLA plays D&D. What kind of characters do they play, what kind of player archetypes do they fill, etc?

Not my field of expertise, but at a glance based on what Wikipedia says about them, Wonder Woman’s a Ranger (apparently the huntresses of Diana/Artemis were an inspiration for them), Batman’s a Fighter (and I’m in agreement with Chris Sims that he is never, ever allowed to be the DM because everyone definitely always dies), Superman’s a Cleric (of course he’s the healer), Green Lantern’s a Bard (they “use their artistic talents to induce magical effects”, that’s his job description), Flash is a Wizard (Barry’s a nerd), J’onn’s a Paladin (powerful and super-upright, keeping the team on-point is already his deal), and Aquaman’s a Barbarian (Jovial Water Conan is typically a description of the best versions of Aquaman). @charlotteofoz comes to mind as someone who’d maybe have better answers.

i think a lot about what the justice league members think of the batkids. like mr. tall, dark, and brooding has kids?? and two of them are rays of sunshine, one is a pint sized assassin, another is a gun toting classic literature reading zombie, babs and tim are beautiful geniuses, and cass is the best fighter like ever? and Bruce adopted them and raised them and took care of them? how must his teammates feel? confused probably, a little turned on maybe

hot and fatherly, all you could want in a man LMAO

Arthur “I dig it” Curry