mine: jla

i think a lot about what the justice league members think of the batkids. like mr. tall, dark, and brooding has kids?? and two of them are rays of sunshine, one is a pint sized assassin, another is a gun toting classic literature reading zombie, babs and tim are beautiful geniuses, and cass is the best fighter like ever? and Bruce adopted them and raised them and took care of them? how must his teammates feel? confused probably, a little turned on maybe

hot and fatherly, all you could want in a man LMAO

Everyone thinks Bruce and Clark are the best buds in the Justice League, but actually is Bruce and Diana. Those two are total BFFs.
They text each other all the time to complain heroes:

“OMG, me and Clark were flying over this park chasing a maniac and he just stoped to save a cat! The cat wasn’t even trapped in the tree, it was just sleeping there!”
“It’s Clark, Diana. He sees a cat, he has to save it.”

They hang out after JLA meetings to play darts or pool. Diana always convinces Bruce to have at least one beer with her.

Diana knows each one of Bruce’s kids, and is especially found of Jason and Damian. She just love how grumpy and cute they are.

Bruce is the only man the Amazons actually adore. They, like Diana, find his eternal anger kind of hilarious and adorable at the same time.

The best part about there friendship is that they are constantly arguing about everything. Bruce has a very dark point of view and little to no faith in humanity. Diana is the opposite. That can lead to serious fights, but they take everything the other has said into deep consideration, and usually end up with a better solution after consulting the other.

Bruce has stated more than once that, if he could only choose one member of the JLA to fight by his side, it would be Diana. She replies by admitting she has never met a man like him, and that he has gained her absolute respect.