mine: jin akanishi

i was kinda convince that japanese actor are not as good looking as korean actor since they are less exposed to plastic surgeries way, than these bishi shows up while i was watching gokusen

first of all, i have nothing against korean actors, infact i was a hardcore fan to korean flower boys *yonghwa*, but now that i discovered japanese guys that look straight out of manga/anime you cant blame me for all the spamming i have been doing to my anime/manga blog =p

Hiroki narimiya 

Nishikido ryo ( i have always known him as the guy from “ONE LITER OF TEARS” )

Kazuya kamenashi 

Jin akanishi

Matsumoto jun - from Arashi (some people think he is not good looking but watch his drama/movies and you will understand <3 )

Miura Haruma