mine: jim chapman

Because I say so!

Anonymous asked youtuberstories:

Can you do a Jim Chapman Imagine, There isn’t very much in the Jim Chapman Imagine tag!! Could you do like a cute one where he is being all like cute and complimenting you, well being himself because thats what I imagine it would be like.. aww. I dont have a scenario or anything though… I kinda feel bad asking for it because like I LOVE Tanya Hahah Oh well..

“Jim, we can’t go to the party” you say from the bedroom you and your boyfriend jim share.

“What? Why?” He asks confused as he enters the room

“Because I look ugly in everything” you say, tears starting to form in your eyes.

“Are you blind or something?” He says in a jokingly tone

“No, I’m just realistic!” You say taking a look of yourself in the mirror.

When you bought this dress you tought it was beautiful and perfect for Tanya’s party, but then she sent you a picture of her outfit and your confidence went down the toilet.

“Why do you say that?” He says putting his arms around your waist

“Everyone is prettier than me! Tan sent me a pic of her dress, it’s freaking gorgeous!!!”

“Hey! It’s not tge dress, its the girl who’s wearing it!” He says witg a smile in his face “ And I really love that color on you!”

“Are you blind or something?” You say mocking his older comment

“Yes I’m blinded bt love” he says in a cheesy way, grabbing your hand and spinning you around.

“Jim! Take me seriously!!” You say, but you’re still laughing

“You are the most beautiful girl in the world!” He says looking at you

“You can’t prove it” you say lowering your gaze

“I can’t, but it’s the truth” he says


“Because I say so!” He says smiling before kissing you sweetly

“Let’s get going sweetheart! I swear to youtube that you’re gonna be the prettiest girl in the place!”


♥Its short but I kinda liked it that wayy