mine: jesus foster

I Love The Fosters but..

That episode was annoying. 

1- Why is Jude laughing on his way to visit his brother whose having brain surgery? Don’t care how much of a joint you smoke, that will sober you up real quick. 

2- If they aren’t trying to write Noah as a bad influence/antagonist type character, they are failing 

3- Courtney is the worst character please let that relationship die 

4- Why wouldn’t Callie just tell the police immediately what happened? She didn’t do anything wrong? Then her lawyer friend tells her to be honest and she still isn’t???? Then when she decides to be, they arrest her? Even though she technically was distracted because her brother was dying??? 

5- Why would the officer try and question Jesus when he just had a seizure? He is obviously under duress? And so was Mariana when he questioned her??? I’m not even a cop and I know that anything said under duress does not count towards official records???  And wouldn’t Stef know that?? And why would she agree to let the cop question her seizing son???? And doesn’t it make a difference that the person Jesus punched was a kid that stalked Mariana and brought a gun to school and violated his probation and is obviously completely psychotic????? AND WHY ARE ALL THE COPS IN THIS TOWN SUCH AWFUL PEOPLE?????

6- Why was everyone so damn nonchalant in the waiting room like if you told me my son might need a craniotomy I would be losing my actual shit or if I watched my brother/son seizure uncontrollably and foam from the mouth I wouldn’t be napping and sitting around talking about my romantic relationship problems acting like I was waiting for someone to give birth like THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT. WHO DIRECTED THIS EPISODE??? 

7- I enjoy the dramatics of the show but tonight was just overkill. Which made the few scenes that they did input in order to be more lighthearted just seem insensitive and off putting. 

If this show turns into Pretty Little Liars I’m done with Freeform like BYE.