mine: jenny lewis

For a while, her friend Jenny Lewis, the singer-songwriter, had slept on the couch down here. “She’s like a tree,” Clark said. “I would take shade in her. She made me eat food, because I forgot.”

Lewis told me, “I would go upstairs, make a quesadilla, cut it in half, and leave a half there. Maybe the little mouse would come. I’d come up later, see the half gone, and think, My work is done here.”


I am dragging today guys.  It was one of those nights where I couldn’t fall asleep whatever I did so at 4 AM I was laying in bad listening to John Prine records.  Some people might say it’s unhealthy to listen to depressing country music alone in the dark at 4 AM but those people are asleep when I am awake and I turn my ringer off when I am asleep, so I don’t really have to listen to their negativity.  Anyway, the result is I am dragging today because man, the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be.  So this morning has been me discovering I am out of coffee and the store is like… so many blocks away.  So I have just sorta sat here listening to records.  I started with Elvis Costello and then moved on to Rilo Kiley and eventually I remembered that Jenny Lewis and Elvis Costello sang together on a track on Acid Tongue, so I basically have decided that my subconscious is a musical genius for such a clever transition from artist to related artist.  Now I am listening to Jawbreaker and have no idea how that fits in but I assure you if it makes no sense to it’s because it’s probably just too advanced for you to understand.  My brain is just that smart.  Wow, I didn’t start this to talk about how great I am but we ended up there.  This is supposed to be about how great Jenny Lewis is because honestly there aren’t many ills he voice can’t cure.  Or at the very least just listening to her sing is a very pleasant way to spend a morning that decent, productive people would point out was really the afternoon.  Today I want to fuck Jenny Lewis.