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“We as women do a lot of incredible things in this world other than just procreate, and not that that is not. But it’s like, we just get boxed in, they love the narrative, they love the story, they love the ‘she is jealous’ and 'this person’s depressed’ and 'oh my gosh never gonna have a child’ whatever the horrible little headline is, we just gotta break out of that.” (x)

why you should read queens of geek by jen wilde

happy happy release day to queens of geek by jen wilde!!! (today, march 14) here are some reasons you should read it:

  • 3 main characters, 2 povs, all diverse
  • charlie is a bi, chinese protagonist who is a famous vlogger and also a rising actress after her role in this indie zombie flick
  • taylor is an autistic, fat protagonist who has severe anxiety and secretly has a crush on the third person in their trio, jamie (who is latinx)
  • they’re tagging along with charlie to supacon, which is basically comic con
  • taylor wants to meet the author of her favorite series, but the author leaves before she can
  • so she enters a contest to meet her, but her anxiety holds her back at times
  • she’s also dealing with her crush on jamie bc she’s really self-conscious of her appearance
  • charlie is dealing with her ex-boyfriend co-star who cheated on her
  • she has to do interviews and the like with him while also fending off rumors that they’re getting back together
  • charlie meets her crush, another famous (female!!) vlogger
  • and they’re really cute okay read it for the wlw
  • biphobia is addressed in this book btw!!
  • here are some quotes:
  • “What do you mean you don’t believe in bisexuals? They’re not mythical creatures,” I [Taylor] said. “They’re real people, just like you.”
    He squirmed uncomfortably, and Charlie sighed. “Reese, I’m bisexual. Do you believe in me?”
    He sat up and stared at her like he was suddenly seeing a whole different person. “You? But you’re with me.”
    “So? I’m still bi.”
  • When Reese finally said something, I wished he hadn’t. “But how could you possibly know you’re bi? Have you ever been with a girl?”
    I remember seeing frustration written all over Charlie’s face, and I spoke up. “How did you know you were straight before you were with a girl, Reese?”
  • “my anxiety is invisible to others, but often it’s the focal point of my mind.”
  • “you can’t pick and choose whose equality you support. that’s not equality.”
  • “it’s not my job to convince others of who I am. my only job is to be who I am. all i can do is find what makes me happy, and live it.”

anyways,, read this book!! there’s a chinese wlw protagonist who has dated both a guy and a girl (and doesn’t “pick a side”)!! there’s a plus-sized, autistic main character who has severe anxiety but doesn’t let it overcome her!! several fandom references!! savage comebacks!! go read queens of geek!!