mine: jamie

I think people like him should reproduce themselves to let other people have a handsome man like him by his side. Can we?

I remembered my superhero I made a while back named Ghoul, and finally got around to drawing his secret identity, Jamie Carranza (I’m actually still deciding between Jamie Carranza or Jamie Ortega, I like the sound of both). He’s a 26 year old graphic designer who lost his legs in an accident as a teenager. His boots act as prosthetic legs and they can transform into rockets so that he can propel himself around (similar to iron man). 

I’m not sure whether he’s a superhero or villain or what 

I just know that his brain moves too fast for his mouth, so he stutters and flubs over his words when he tries to say something cool. He is not cool. He’s a nerd. He lives in a NY apartment with his cat, Gordo. 


ultimate brotp: jarlene (james potter + marlene mckinnon) → we were like those best friends you see in those sappy romantic movies. the ones that have been friends since they were little, and slowly they fall in love. except we skipped that falling in love bit and stayed best friends, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. (x)