mine: imy

my pale star.

always the first one to take the blame, where did you find the courage at the age of 10? the time when we jumped into the river and it was my idea— we both got sick, but you never told our parents. you were the very charming friend every protagonist had to remind us to be humble even when it’s tough. you spelled out live, laugh and love into the sand each and every single time we made it to the beach. you were my constant need to know and without you I still search for truths within the gust. breezy days, is that you? you aren’t gone, you’re just making this the longest spring break. you knew how to throw a party, hell, you knew how to be happy and i admired you so much for it. you were carefully crafted paper cranes, always a bit too large for life, you made sure we always had fun. i don’t know if you’ve been sending postcards, but i’ve been writing to you again. and i just wanted you to know that i still miss you. i think i always will.