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• a trick of the light •

All different sorts of personalities from all social classes could be found in Stormwind, all distant and unfamiliar to Olivia Solis no matter their birth. Where she had felt at home as Olivia Baiylee and where she had felt an outcast as Olivia Raseri, Olivia Solis had only feelings of confusion and longing. Archelaos had swiped her memories from her with purpose, but that was long in the past now, and she had been better for some time. Stronger and more swift, confident and more observant. The Light hadn’t abandoned her, though she was no longer a priest or a paladin, but a huntress.

It was often she’d roamed the streets of the Kingdom, each day finding more of those she hadn’t gone down the day or weeks before, though it wasn’t often she set clear focus on any building without name. Archelaos had told her she grew up in the district of the Cathedral, and as such, she looked no further for another home prior to Redridge. It was by luck she caught sight of this one in particular, on the outskirts of Old Town, the house on the left corner just in front of the Trade District.

She hadn’t meant to - she didn’t even want to - but her chest tightened, those strings pulling on her very heart and begging her to stay put, and so she turned for a full viewing of the home.

That’s when it hit.

It was like a vision. Where remembering her uncle had been in her mind, this time it was as though Olivia was watching herself, sitting on the porch and talking with two men: Archelaos and the man she’d been introduced to weeks prior as her father, Lys Raseri. A trick of the Light.

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