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What kind of Guardian would Gabe be? I know Widowmaker would be a Hunter and Sombra would also probably be a Hunter. But with all Gabe can do I can't peg him as just any of the three Guardian types when he's kind of like all three.

How about a hunter… too? I’m all about hunters.

Sketched that during lunch break, forgot the PSD at work.

McCall (seen here in her Wonder Hooker undercover outfit) is my fandom aesthetic today. McCall was often the only woman in a room full of men, but she held her own and took crap from no one. In season two, she was raped. The show took a unusually serious and realistic turn with this storyline, which was handled thoughtfully and with great care. I was twelve at the time I saw it, and I had already been raped, multiple times, by a neighbor who said he would kill my family if I told. So I said nothing for years.

When I finally did tell, around age eight, after the neighbor had gone to jail for unrelated crimes, my parents rushed me to the doctor to make sure I was okay. Physically, I was fine, and so that was the end of it as far as they were concerned. Let’s not talk about it anymore! Meanwhile, I had nightmares. I was checking out books on rape from the library in the third grade. I had panic attacks and contemplated drinking hazardous chemicals in the middle of the night to end my pain. We couldn’t talk about what happened to me within my family, which either meant it was no big deal and so there was something wrong with me for feeling like it was a big deal, or even worse, that it was so shameful we couldn’t even discuss it. I was ruined.

Then I found HUNTER, and here on my TV was a woman who had survived a rape. Everyone around her treated it like it was a big deal. Her partner went to counseling on his own to help her. She was really upset for a long time. And then…she wasn’t. She went back to work, she did her job, perhaps with new empathy for the victims, she went on dates and had sex and made mistakes and laughed and basically went on living like a normal person. She’d talk about the rape from time to time, and it clearly had changed her, but IT DID NOT DEFINE HER. I was riveted. No one in my life had modeled this for me. I started thinking…maybe, if she could be okay…I could too.

Thirty years later I am better than okay most days. I have a husband and a kid and a rich full life that seemed impossible back then. I am not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t found the show, but it was an early powerful lesson in the importance of fiction. Stories change lives. I know, because one of them helped save mine.

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Hi! How would the SF skelebros react to an S/O who had bad luck. Very bad luck. Random falling objects and close calls all the time.

So S/O is like Milo from Milo Murphy’s Law? LOL Oh my god.


– At first, he thinks someone’s out to get you. Like actually targeting you, so he searches high and low for suspects. He snaps at sewage workers who left the lid open enough for you to almost fall in. He yells at the movers who nearly dropped a couch on your head and threatens to torture the name of their boss out of them before you have to step in and tell him not to. 

– It stresses him the hell out when he can’t find anyone to blame. Are they just that good?? Why are they even after you? What have you done to earn so many assassination attempts??

– It takes him a little while, but when he finally realizes that you just have some wicked bad (good?) luck, he groans. He’s glad that no one is out to get you, but damn, human. 

– Once he’s used to it, he just finds it annoying. It’s inconvenient, but now he just makes sure to carry an absurd amount of seemingly random supplies around in his dimensional box when he’s with you. Why? Because while you narrowly escape falling into sewage and walking through a disturbed nest of hornets, Sans is dripping wet and smelling like death, running away from that exact nest because he was within reach when it was knocked around. 


– Like his brother, Hound believes you’re the target of someone’s ill will at first. He checks you over every single time something happens and then disappears to check the surrounding area. When he finds nothing suspicious, he’s… very confused.

– He catches on much faster than Sans, relaxing when he figures it out. If it’s been this way forever and you still haven’t died, then there should be no problem, right? He still keeps an eyesocket out for you of course, and still gets nervous when something particularly dangerous occurs, but all in all he gets used to the idea quite fast.

– Once he gets in the groove he’s able to more or less predict what might happen if he knows your plan for the day, too. Sometimes he’ll just watch you move around the house and see how many things he can call correctly.

– He also takes the aftermath of your disasters in stride (mostly). He’s really not phased by much, especially once he’s on the surface. So he’ll just kind of go with it if those people having an egg toss match at the park narrowly miss you with the eggs and cover him with egg yolk instead.


“Come on, Y/N,” Rip said as he held onto the back of the chair he had them tied to. “I’m your partner.”
“You were my partner,” Y/N told him. “But since you went dark side? No, we’re not. I’m not telling you where it is. And there’s no way you’re going to find it. You never could find all the things I hid on the ship. Hiding it with an entire world as a hiding spot? Good luck.”
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A Hunter’s Guide to Titans: Pluses and Minuses


1) Usually amused by stories about Warlocks

A fine quality in a comrade.

2) Really good battlefield distractions

Eager to punch stuff. Makes it easy to strategically retreat. Encourage this. 

3) Very easy to fool with loaded dice

Don’t believe in cheating. Delicious.

4) Willing to make and lose the same bet over and over

Impressively stubborn. I even heard some idiot thought he could outrun a Golden Gun.

5) Require little combat maintenance outside of gummy snacks

Save them for when you need them, otherwise you’ll go through a lot of snacks.

6) Good drinking buddies, bad at drinking contests

They always think they’ll win, right up until the point they pass out. Equally amusing to see people try to drag a Titan in full plate out of a crowded bar.

Surprisingly good dancers.


1) Overeager to sacrifice themselves for the City

No one is asking you to die, okay? Stop offering.

2) Won’t shut up about walls

Shut up about the Walls already.

3) Less fun when they learn about the loaded dice

Try to get a head start.

4) Difficult to outrun in a straight line


5) Take everything way too seriously

Also, prone to grumpiness without gummy snacks.

6) Fist bumps hurt a lot

Ghosts get sick of re-setting bones.