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Let’s take a moment to recognize the brilliant symbolism of Draco seeing Harry in the fractured mirror during the bathroom scene in HBP. When Moaning Myrtle mentioned a boy crying in her bathroom, Harry couldn’t even imagine it was Malfoy because he didn’t think the Slytherin had a heart. From the handshake rejection in the very beginning, Harry brushed Draco aside as a cartoonish villain or petty rival, but this scene illustrated a shift in their relationship. Harry realized Draco’s humanity for the first time, and it was by looking in a fucking mirror. They’re both broken in their own ways, but in the end, they’re a reflection of each other.

Activities outside the classroom...
  • Dumbledore: What about your activities outside the classroom?
  • Harry: Sir?
  • Dumbledore: Well, I noticed you spend a great deal of time with Miss Granger. I can't help wondering if-
  • Harry: Oh no, no. I mean, she's brilliant and we're friends, but no.
  • Dumbledore: Forgive me, I-
  • Harry: Besides, Draco and I just shagged in the broom closet right outside your office, so...
  • Dumbledore: *tearing up* That's my boy!
  • dumbledore: harry, getting this memory is literally the most important thing in the entire universe. it has to be your number one priority. it is crucial. imperative. it is the key to defeating lord voldemort and there is literally no point in continuing without it
  • ron and hermione: harry! why don't you use your lucky potion to do this thing that is the absolute most necessary and important thing you could possibly do? what on earth could possibly be more important to you than getting this memory?
  • harry: hmmm... i don't know... maybe asking out ginevra weasley

This moment is so important! Even though Hermione is heartbroken and angry, she would never dream of trying to hurt Ron this way. She knows how important being keeper is to him and I think she feels a little guilty that she doubted him (felixs incident).
I also think that it sets up a precedent that both Harry & Hermione are aware of Ron’s insecurities. (Although here Harry honestly seems more concerned about the effects of this on the Qudditch team).
Just like the moment in DH when Hermione hides Ron under the cloak at Lovegood’s house to keep him and his family safer, we see that even when she is hurt or angry, she still loves Ron.

How much did we hate Lavender when we first read HBP and how much do we love her now.

Girl done grown on us.

Do you know why?

When we were younger and reading that book we saw her as someone who got in the way of romione.

Now that we’re older we get that she was just a girl who liked a guy and went out with him and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. If you think there is something wrong with that then you got issues my friend.

Plus she’s fucking hilarious, dude!!!