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also when i say sirius black is a drama queen what i actually mean is that sirius black had an abusive childhood with awful, bigoted parents, lived through and fought in the first wizarding war, lost two of his closest friends was betrayed by a third and seperated from the fourth, spent 12 years in a cell being forced to relive all of his worst memories, before escaping prison only find himself in the midst of another war and being forced into his abusive childhood home whilst suffering from depression/ptsd and generally he brushed everything off and acted like he didn’t give a damn (maybe he broke down once/twice in front of james bc it was james so he could) but generally he internalized shit and did not make a big deal out of things he would be perfectly entitled to make a big deal out of…. but at the same time he would wax poetic for two hours about the bitter sting of betrayal after remus stole his eggs at breakfast

the zodiac signs sorted into hogwarts houses
  • Gryffindor:Aries, Leo, Pisces
  • Hufflepuff:Taurus, Cancer, Libra
  • Ravenclaw:Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius
  • Slytherin:Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn

Imagine postwar eighth year at Hogwarts when draco and harry start dating, harry bringing draco out to pubs and having him hang out with his friends at hogsmead and draco just feeling that sensation that he finally belongs somewhere in a group of people that appreciate him for him

Draco finding out about eyeliner and trying it and Harry being at a loss for words because holy shit that’s hot

Draco wearing Harry’s Gryffindor scarf in the winter of eighth year only because he knows Harry loves it

Harry leaving Draco and Luna alone together for five minutes and then coming back only to find Draco laughing with tears in his eye and Luna giggling and grinning, not knowing what the hell just happened

Postwar all of the eighth years share a common room and end up having a pillow fight, Draco sitting in the corner like “uhg how childish” and then Harry throws a pillow at his face, laughing at Draco’s unamused expression. His glare turning into a smirk before standing up going “Oh you’re in for it /Potter/” before attacking him with the pillow as well, laughing and grinning the whole time

Ron, Hermione, Seamus and Dean walking in on Draco and Harry kissing, all of them pausing before: “I KNEW IT, YOU OWE ME 10 BUCKS FINNAGAN” and “TOLD YOU WE’D CATCH THEM BEFORE MAY RON, PAY UP” and Harry and Draco both just look bewildered

Harry bringing Draco to Mrs. Weasley for approval, her taking one look at the two before smiling and going “Welcome to the family, Draco” and him just grinning because he has a family

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter being happy and in love

22. A muggleborn ravenclaw getting fed up of spending hours flipping through text books and becoming the first person to successfully create the spell equivalent of “Ctrl-F” search in books. It revolutionised researching for essay 

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hp mini stories / blog rates

hey guys! so i’m only about 20 away from my next hundred and i really wanna do something for it! so i’m going to do harry potter mini stories / blog rates inspired by this little lovely. it’s also the first time i’ve done one of these things so i’m pretty excited. 

all right, so here are the specs:

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mini story format is as follows: 
Blood Status: Muggle Born | Half-Blood | Pure-Blood

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin

Strongest Core Class: Astronomy | Charms | Defense Against the Dark Arts | Herbology | History of Magic | Potions | Transfiguration

Weakest Core Class: Astronomy | Charms | Defense Against the Dark Arts | Herbology | History of Magic | Potions | Transfiguration

Chosen Elective(s): Alchemy | Arithmancy | Care of Magical Creatures | Divination | Muggle Studies | Study of Ancient Runes

Extra-Curricular Subject(s): Ancient Studies | Art | Frog Choir | Ghoul Studies | Magical Theory | Muggle Art | Music | Muggle Music | Orchestra | Xylomancy

Quidditch Position: Beater | Chaser | Keeper | Seeker

School Life: Head Boy/Girl | Prefect | Teacher’s Pet | Troublemaker | Quidditch Captain | Quidditch Team Member | No Extra “Titles”

Allegiance: Death Eaters | Order of the Phoenix | Rogue/No Loyalty

Dream Career: Auror | Dragonologist | Entertainer | Healer | Herbologist | Journalist | Magizoologist | Matron (Nurse) | Ministry of Magic Employee | Obliviator | Potioneer | Professor | Quidditch Player | Spell Inventor | Unspeakable | Wandmaker

blog rate format is as follows: 
Url: Troll | Acceptable | Exceeds Expectations | Outstanding
Icon:  Troll | Acceptable | Exceeds Expectations | Outstanding
Theme:  Troll | Acceptable | Exceeds Expectations | Outstanding
Posts:  Troll | Acceptable | Exceeds Expectations | Outstanding
Following: No, sorry :( | I am now | Yes! | Until the Very End |

i’m super excited for this so please don’t let me down guys! <3

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