mine: hod

i think we should have a talk ! when harry first met louis he was sixteen & anxious & insecure about everything and louis noticed that so he gave himself the job of protecting harry and making him feel better no matter what so whenever harry got anxious about performing, louis was always right there pulling some ridiculous stunt to make him laugh and forget about his worries for a bit and at Leeds when those people insulted harry and told him they hated their music, louis snapped at them because there was no way he’d let harry even begin to think that he’s not doing his best and just!!! harry was small and soft and nervous and louis was older and outgoing and he loved (loves) harry so much and he couldn’t bear to see him sad. and he still keeps his word, he still protects and defends harry from the uglieness of the world even after harry gets taller and bigger than him and louis gets to watch as harry blossoms into this flamboyant, pretty flower who doesn’t care what people say and louis so proud of him and everytime he tells harry as such, harry shakes his head and says, “lou, you’re the one who gave me the courage to do this stuff in the first place. if anything, i should be thanking you” and louis smiles and thinks i’m never going to stop loving this boy