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So this is my perception of Katniss: a bonafide person of color.

I’ve had several arguments with people about whether or not Katniss is a POC in the original books, and it makes me so angry to hear people’s explanations and rationale behind the fact that they KNOW she’s white, when, in reality, everybody assumes a character to be white until explicitly told otherwise, and EVEN THEN there is still fighting and quibbling and protestations like “I’m not racist, but I just didn’t picture Rue as black”. Well that’s too fuckin bad, honey, because Suzanne Collins outright DESCRIBES Rue and Thresh as “dark-skinned and dark-haired”, and same with Katniss. 

Katniss is described as having “straight black hair, olive skin, and grey eyes”, which are typical characteristics of the Seam; the poorest area of District 12. 

And though I love Jennifer Lawrence and her acting portrayal of Katniss, it makes me so angry that they didn’t even bother darkening her skin tone, at least! Katniss is not a baby-faced, big-eyed white girl, nor has she ever been described as so, and when people argue that Katniss is white because her mom is white, that just means she’s a mix. White skin is a recessive gene, and it’s actually been proven that in a hundred-odd years, there’s a high chance that we’ll just be a hundred shades of brown. 

So I was playing a soccer game and we were tied all through overtime so we went to PKs. Before they started, the other team did the three fingers to the lips then raised up thing from the Hunger Games. I turned to this girl and asked “Do they even know what that means?” and she said “Its from Hunger Games” and I said “I know, but do they know what it actually means? Because I’m pretty sure they’re not having penalty kicks to the death.”