mine: hemlock grove

1. In which Roman confirms his romantic feelings for Peter, and Peter sensed them.

2.  Where Roman had the urge to kiss Peter, and Peter sensed it.  Thus, their thorough scare when the girl opens the door to the stairwell.

3.  Where Roman’s heart breaks thoroughly, having now witnessed first hand how he wouldn’t stand a change against Letha.

4.  Where Roman comes to terms that the feelings are unrequited, and Peter comes to terms with the fact that his best friend is in love with him.

And you won’t convince me otherwise.

A pack of gifs of Freya Tingley  as Christina Wendall in Hemlock Grove; Season one - Episodes 1-10. I honestly wasn’t sure if you wanted gifs of her after the color change to her hair, so I gif'ed as much as I could before that. Also my sincerest apologies for my coloring being all over the place on this – they mainly shoot with a green filter and I was eyeballing it.

Requested by: Anonymous

Size: 400x226.

Count: 64.

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