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I did these gifs, with all my favorite moments of Ashley Tisdale’s life.
She is amazing, and beautiful.
I’ve always admired she, and I see growing in front of my eyes.
She is my role model
I am so proud of the person and woman who has become.

She made me laugh in Suite Life, and I love seeing her Sharpay Evans in High School Musical.
She is a perfect drama queen PINK, and I love her so much.
I hope that in the future will have much more success, and i hope this day Ashley is with her family and parents, and this day is more full of joy and happiness.


🔥 info on hellcats 🐈

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[updated 7/18/2017]

so i’ve recently realized how little i still know about element’s species, even though I’ve been her companion for over a month now. i did a really mini interview with her tonight about hellcats, and i hope to update this post from time to time with any new information i learn ^^ when i first applied for element there was 0 info i could find so im hoping this helps! i’m sorry for this starting out so simple but it’ll go into more detail as i learn more

// note: this might not all be true as there could be a problem with my interpretation/communication skills (and also i can’t expect element to know about every single thing haha) so please take everything here with a grain of salt <3 

note #2: obviously the term “hellcats” is very general, and there are a number of subspecies so this won’t apply for the whole species

food / diet 🍴

  • hellcats can be carnivorous, omnivorous, or herbiviorous !!
  • they have a certain fruit/food they obsess over??

behavior 🎭

  • hellcats can live independently or in packs, but the latter is rarer
  • most young are brought up by their mothers or direct family
  • i’ve come to notice that they tend to be very energetic and passionate

physical appearance / attributes 🤳

  • hellcats can have more than 2 eyes ^^ (element has 5 !!)
  • most hellcats’ fur are varying shades of brown or warm colors

Everyone’s favourite fiery felines! A better word for Hellcats would actually be  hell felidae considering the species of a hellcat can span the entirety of the felidae species. This means there can be Hellcats that are big cats (like tigers, lions, etc), small cats (house cats, fossa, etc) or any cat!

Hellcats tend to act like cats do. They tend to be calm and collected, much like physical cats. They are sassy, blunt, and often aloof. While it may not be strange to come across a large grouping of a hellcat family, they tend to be independent. A hellcat that resembles a physical cat (i.e. hell tigers, or hell lions) may have personality traits like that of the physical cat. A hell lion may be more inclined to live in a pride setting, while a hell tiger may be more independent. This only applies to a few amount of hellcats, however.

Hellcats come from the lower regions of the astral, often called Hell. Despite the name, they have near nothing to do with any religion. They often have dark colouring, and any number of demonic traits. They include, but are not limited to: multiple eyes, wings, horns, claws, scales, bone or muscle showing, dark colourings, body parts on fire/made up of fire, and/or “dead” skin appearance. However, many hellcats react to water differently. Some who are on fire, can be severely sick because of it, some it doesn’t bother them. Some may find water only annoying, and others may love it.

As within every grouping, especially as large as Hell Felidae, there are specific species of hell cats. Each have their individual species and different needs, rather than generalizing them all as one single species. For example there are Unyra hellcats, who are similar to the physical fossa, but have tails that end in whips, and a mouth that curls back into 4 sections, with 6 eyes each. They are very different from the Oryu hellcats who also resemble fossa, but have wings and a more cat like face. The two types of cats are extremely different in mannerisms and personalities, despite their similar appearance. 

Because of their dark alignment, many hellcats are “dark” arts. Many also work with fire alignments as well.

Even as many hellcats are very different, some good base offerings could possibly be: fire, candles, red rocks, rocks with strong energies, overpowering scents, meat.