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passengers with larger daemons are asked not to travel at peak times where possible and to use the larger outer carriages. people with smaller daemons are asked to exercise caution when in crowded trains. as always please mind the gap.

they say that city daemons are generally smaller, less space you see, but london is a city of immigrants and commuters so you are just as likely to see a dog daemon as you are a lion. cities aren’t built for large daemons, there are crowds and narrow alleys and tubes and trains and buses to navigate but most people don’t let that stop them. there are cars and carriages and buses especially for big daemons and if your daemon is too big even for those well you can always ride them.


steven universe (marble madness & open book) » his dark materials trilogy (plus that one movie)


I have this headcanon that whatever stage of development a baby is in, their dæmon will also be in that stage in animal form. Think about it.

- A little basset hound puppy dæmon who howls woefully whenever his human cries

- A kitten dæmon curling up for naptime with her two-year-old, resting her chin on her boy’s tummy

- Teeny chipmunk dæmon swaddled into the blanket with a brand newborn baby

- Baby girl learns to crawl, and she and her wobbly wolf pup dæmon chase each other around the house non stop

- Toddler boy holding his tiny fluffy chick dæmon so gently in his little hands

- Bear cub dæmon the exact same height as her human, and just as shaky on her legs

- Duckling dæmons



There are many universes and many earths, parallel to each other. Worlds like yours, where people’s souls live inside their bodies, and worlds like mine, where they walk beside us, as animal spirits we call dæmons.

His Dark Materials Characters

Marisa Coulter
Corruption and envy and lust for power. Cruelty and coldness. A vicious probing curiousity. Pure, poisonous, toxic malice. You have never from your earliest years shown a shred of compassion for sympathy or kindness without calculating how it would return to your advantage. You have tortured and killed without regret or hesitation; you have betrayed and intrigued and gloried in your treachery. You are a cess-pit of moral filth.

so one of the things that endlessly fascinates me about  world with daemons is how it would change our relationship to animals because imagine going to a zoo or something and seeing what is essentially your daemon behind bars? and imagine eating your daemon

 some thoughts:

  • i doubt that we’d have pets in the manner we do i dont doubt that we’d keep cats around for mousing and dogs for hunting/guarding but theyd be treated more as workers/independent creatures than as companions because we’d have daemons to keep us company
  • eating meat would be a whole other issue like im pretty sure most people with herbivore daemons would be vegetarian so vegetarianism would be far far more prevalent
  • animal rights would be a bigger issues to because for all that daemons arent animals it’d be hard for someone with a rat daemon not to feel something when seeing all the horrific research being carried out on their soul’s form 
  • i think in general we’d have a lot more respect for animals but then again maybe since we’d have daemons as companions we’d not be so attached to animals? maybe we’d disregard them completely as less than us especially under magisterium rule - their lack of daemons would prove they had no soul right?

‘and then what? build what?’ 

‘the republic of heaven.’

the disquiet and destruction at the end of the war - the bewilderment and hurt and stab of loss, and the uncertainty of what to do next

angels cast out of their homes, the clouded mountain destroyed in the war, and an entire, lifeless world filled with beings composed of dust and light. the promise of a republic - a new home, something they fought for, spilled blood for, killed for - hovers on the horizon, shimmering like beams of light off water, but it’s just out of reach. how long will it take to establish? where will ‘home’ be for the time being? where is heaven now? 

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